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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, May 18, 2012.

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    Her voice sounds grittier as well. Really strong and full of hate, it's quite powerful.
  2. This is excellent, a great progression of sound and a total BOP.

    Give me that house influenced indie pop that I love.
  3. Why?
  4. Is this your first time posting in this thread?
  5. Not sure! Let me check.

    EDIT: I'm all over it, yet never noticed Nunya's deep hatred. Oh.
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  6. It's not bad, but they've done better. Looks like it's out tomorrow (I hope that is worldwide, and not just the USA or whatever) and based on the artwork, it seems they're going more for a "look - we are a proper band!" vibe, rather than the faceless artwork/video of the first album stuff.

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    Scissor Sisters realness. Very intrigued to see where they're going.
  8. Really wanted to like the debut album after Dark Doo Wop but it felt a bit stilted to me. Not particularly feeling the new song either. Takes way too long to get going - the first 45 seconds are dull. Perhaps it will grow.
  9. This is fucking fantastic! Loving the fact they're back and I adore her voice.

    Not really keen on that cover, though...
  10. Oh bless, the cover's bad enough there's still something to hold on to. She looks like a morphine-addicted Nicola Roberts doing an Elvira impersonation.
  11. The single cover is alright. Orange is not my favourite colour, but "morphine-addicted Nicola Roberts doing an Elvira impersonation" is not a bad thing in my books.
  12. This is really, really, really great.
  13. I like it less than anything they've done before. It's too abrupt.
  14. They always come up with the most amazing visuals. I love the Painted music video.
  15. [video=youtube_share;2dqyjcw6NAY][/video]

    The album can now be pre-ordered on iTunes. Not sure how I feel about the cover, but I'm super excited!
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    I just downloaded Painted, really enjoying it, I still think her voice seems so much stronger on this than the majority of Secondhand Rapture.
  17. Wrong Victory sounds great.

    The album cover is fine.
  18. [video=youtube_share;UKSoSgNcHss][/video]
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