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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)/Pyramid schemes: The Body Shop betrayed us.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. One of my favorite subreddits has recently been the one for anti-MLM discussions. Partially for the cringe pseudo-science and desperate lengths these MLM huns go through to sell crap, but also for the sheer amazement at people still falling for these scams in 2019.

    I stumbled upon the subreddit after my sister started to become weirdly obsessive about these nail sticker things apparently called "Color Street". It turned out to be a pyramid scheme/MLM. I couldn't convince her to jump ship as she was stuck on "network marketing" being a burgeoning field and kept shilling this weird statistic about "86% of people" working for an MLM eventually. She has since been complaining about how I don't support her "dream."

    She has since sunk thousands of her and her husband's savings into hustling for this company and relentlessly hounds people, including my friends, to make sales.

    I also have a close friend from high school who I had to delete after she wouldn't stop posting about these stupid vitamin stickers that I guess are called "Thrive."

    I didn't know if anyone had any stories, cringy, entertaining, or otherwise, about these predatory companies that still seem to be sadly prevalent. Recently they were in the news for a hun using the London attacks to shill her supplement crap.
  2. My old church was literally set up in the structure of an MLM, imagine how many of the stay-at-home wives bought into one? ffff
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  3. RJF


    I thought this was going to be a thread trying to lure us into a pyramid scheme and I'm disappointed.
  4. Isn’t the Likes Leaderboard one?
  5. One of my former co-workers was always raving about how she's self-made, is a small business owner etc, and after adding each other on Facebook it turned out her "small business" was shilling Rodan and Fields. The products are over-priced and not great for your skin, but the truly awful thing is that apparently >60% of consultants make between 0-1000 dollars a year fgfdgdfsd. Years later she still refers to herself a small business owner.
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  6. Oh I can already tell I’m going to LOVE this thread.
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  8. [​IMG]

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  9. I stan this thread. MLMs are one of my weird niche interests. I find the blatant fraud & insane culture surrounding them fascinating. /r/antimlm is objectively the best subreddit.

    My favorite one is either Pure Romance, which is literally a dildo pyramid scheme, or LuLaRoe which sells quite possibly the ugliest clothes I've ever seen.

    The podcast "The Dream" is a really good deep dive into the world of MLMs if y'all are interested.
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  10. NOT “Brick and motor”!!!!!

    MLMs simultaneously infuriate, depress and fascinate me, especially LuLaRoe - there’s a great Vice documentary on it that went viral a few months ago.

    cc: @Laura Vanderbooben
  11. I was a Scentsy Consultant for five years whilst working a full time job as a Child Protection Manager. I have some stories to tell!
  12. TELL.
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  13. The incredible and scary Crypto Queen podcast documentary series that just finished (or did it?) dives into this massively in regards to cryptocurrency - and how unbelievably far these can spread. And just who is most terribly affected.

    I looked at that Arbonne thing last year when a girl inserted herself into all our lives selling it. It just creeped me out, though seemed to be more...legit...than some others.
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  14. Oh god I see R+F the most out of any MLM around here for some reason. I’ve heard about a 50/50 split (from non-sellers) as to whether or not they actually work but I ain’t touching that shit with a ten foot pole regardless
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  15. PM me I have a really exciting opportunity for you
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  16. I’d also suggest a podcast called ‘The Dream’ which focuses on the rise of Pyramid schemes and their evolution into the Multi Level Marketing boom we’re in now. They send a spy to an MLM conference and it’s one of the most fascinating podcast episodes of the last few years!
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  17. I find MLMs so interesting.

    My only personal experience is once a very loose acquaintance (I went to school with her kids & my child-minder was her best friend) bumped into my mum in town when she was buying lunch and then *waited* for her to finish and kept walking with her. My mum was absolutely perplexed as to what was going on until, about 30 seconds from home, out of nowhere she goes 'Oh so you're a fan of the [X name of scheme that my mum had definitely not just mentioned] products too???' and proceeded to try and hawk some of said products. It's absolutely wild how people will try and exploit any remote personal connection with these things - and generally alienate people in the process.

    I've read stories on the Anti-MLM sub-reddit of kids whose parents were big into an MLM scheme and would even exploit the child's relationships (parents of their friends) in an attempt to recruit and end up ruining their friendships.
  18. It always breaks my heart to see huns using their damn kids and their health to promote essential oils.
  19. My dad lost his job in the late '90s and went through a lonely period. He invited an acquaintance of his out to lunch in an attempt to cultivate a friendship and the guy tried to sell him some weird pyramid scheme life insurance. Two decades later he still remembers how much it hurt.

    While I love having a kii at their expense, these morons also cause real pain and can fuck off.
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  20. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Yes, my mom found herself in a similar situation when my sister's friend, someone (who, for reference, was in her late 30s or early 40s) we've all been fond of for years, asked her out for coffee under the guise of catching up and then 'transitioned' it into trying to get my mom on board for selling. Of course, my mother has the sweetest heart and politely declined/laughed it off, but she was hurt too.

    It's really a "business" for people lacking self-awareness, I've found.
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