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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)/Pyramid schemes

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Someone I know has posted about how they are starting their own business and needed helps with names etc. They then proceeded to post links to a website offering discount on products for first sales etc.

    It's... The Body Shop's catalogue.

    *whoopi on floor*
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  2. Here's one of the pics from the girl I went to school with's Arbonne facebook page, pictured with her sister (who is also an Arbonne 'consultant') in the Mercedes (which, of course, isn't theirs):


    One of the hashtags she uses for this pic is #mixingbizwithpleasure
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  3. Nothing screams "poor financial decisions" like a leased vehicle Dddd.
  4. I've been going through the anti-mlm subreddit, and I just...



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  5. Spinoff reddit.

    *chefs kiss*
  6. This has got to be a parody post....right?
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  7. 15 years ago I would have said “Of course it has to be.”

    These days “........”

    I hope so.....God I hope so.
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  8. A very very good friend of mine started doing Arbonne like 4 years ago, she has slowly converted every single person we mutually know, to the point where my Instagram stories are just a slew of facetuned and filtered girls hawking their wares. It’s honestly horrific, she has created true monsters.
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  9. I'm guessing MLMs and huns are rubbing their hands now tonnes of people have been furloughed and want extra income. Gross.
  10. They probably are but unless they reduce the cost of the starter packs who would risk it?

    Yes dumb people would but there's only so many in the world right? RIGHT?
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  11. This is one of the worst things I've ever seen:
  13. [​IMG]
    My eyes. MY EYES
  14. Why is her fake child illiterate!? A choice.

    If only she’d spent lockdown home-schooling instead of scamming her Facebook friends list...
  15. How dare she use Baby Yoda for an MLM.
  16. Delete my account, I’ve seen too much.
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  17. This cute guy I follow on Instagram who actually went to culinary school and is pretty talented in that decided that on the side he wanted to start selling Monat which is a hair and skincare MLM company. It also has lawsuits against it because people's hair have fallen out because of it.
    So I messaged him and told him politely like "Hey, You should research what MLM companies are about and see if this is really something you want to be doing, I'd hate to see you get burned by this" and had like absolutely 0 concern.

    Cut to a month later, he's changed his IG username, got rid of all his Monat posts and link in his bio and I really just want to message him to be like "I was right, wasn't I?!"

  18. Do it.
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