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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)/Pyramid schemes

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. My parents, bless them, are two of the biggest idiots when it comes to MLMs. They have been scammed not less than five times already in the past decade. It even came to a point where they used my name (and my two other siblings' names) so they can have more accounts under one MLM. Now, whenever they talk about an exciting new "business prospect" I immediately shut them down and tell them I will disown them if they ever enter another MLM. Thankfully they have stopped supporting MLMs for two years now.
  2. Betting on Zero is a good documentary about trying to take down Herbalife.

  3. Do you mean that "keto coffee" stuff that these huns sell? I always scream at that because literally all coffee is keto.

    Also, the fact that they say everything is "cHeMIcaL fREe" when everything is a chemical.
  4. It is a keto coffee, the brand is called Elevate and they branched off into... skincare.

    Because if you’re gonna buy snakeoil coffee you might as well get your snakeoil skincare from the same place.
  5. FACT - Those huns and lads who spent all their time at 18-19 sending out weekly whole contact list invites to club nights they were "promoting", are the same egits who send out the same but for "juice plus" at 30-40.
  6. Drop them sis
  7. You guys are such
  8. My absolute favourite subject! I've never been recruited by one but I am so interested in the workings of each and how they sucker people in. A bunch of the podcasts and documentaries recommended in here already are great but I would like to add this documentary about LuLaRoe from Vice and also this undercover doc from the bbc, very interesting.
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  9. OK but are you going to buy my damn coffee because I'm trying to compete my collection of Paula Abdul CD singles and it ain't cheap
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  10. I mean, objectively, is there any clothing uglier than LuLaRoe leggings? Who wears those Mickey Mouse optical illusion stretch pant messes? I can't even see like, preschool school teachers wearing that crap. The fact that they convince MANY people they can make a living off of selling their leggings is astounding. Much less when recent news has had one of their largest factories closing on top of multiple lawsuits.

    This also applies to Monat causing scalp burns and hair loss.
  11. OMG Babez I tots only meant to read a chapter or two then binged the whole ting. I’m suucch a butterfly babezxx

    Seriously, I couldn’t stop reading even though I hated myself with every chapter I clicked.
  12. I love Gary Busey
  13. SAME

    we're huns for life xx
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  14. What's also baffling is that LuLaRoe's entry fee is ridiculously high compared to the other MLMs. It's like $5000 if I remember correctly. The consultants also don't get a choice in what clothes they get. They're basically going in blind (and then actually go blind when they see the ugly ass patterns they were awarded). At least the other ones put some effort into masking their scammery.
  15. I would high-key love a pink Cadillac Escalade, like the ones the Mary Kay gworls drive. A true pussystunt.
  16. Also a hobby of mine.. I follow a girl I knew in highschool on IG (purely for the cringe) and she managed to get to Double Pink Diamond Unicorn in doTERRA. It's so manipulative how she posts about this being possible for everyone and how good her 'business' is going. Just look at the income distribution, sis!

    Additionally, last year she sold enough snake oil to go on a company trip to Vietnam (with the rest of the huns) but boy was I GAGGED when I looked her up on the doTERRA website and saw that she had to pay half of it herself. And all the while she was banging on about how generous the company was for 'rewarding' her efforts....... Sis!!!!!!!!!!
  17. This is probably the same reason why phising emails also contain lots of spelling errors. To weed out the people that have a higher intelligence and not waste the scammers' time, so they will be able to only scam the people that are that naive and stuff. No one with sense would pay the high fee, but if they find people that do it, they are easy to scam further. It's sad.
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  18. EEEEEEEK!!!
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  19. And what a Hun-derful life we will live sis. Xoxo
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  20. Why does this come across like a Mariah Carey song title come to life?!? (And that I would buy on iTunes.)
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