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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)/Pyramid schemes

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by johnny_tsunami, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. When you make $0?
  2. Also, the man responsible for making me gay who is now a horrific pro-Trump conservative troll, Kevin Sorbo a.k.a. television's Hercules, is now a representative for the MLM Thrive. He's posting all over the place about their vitamin stickers. Nancy Kerrigan also shills for MLMs now. Crazy.
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  3. And Tonya Harding has a museum, so who really won
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  4. That's my favourite. And a favourite of snake oil pushers of every persuasion, alongside "natural" and "energy".

    Technically, everything is 'natural' and contains 'energy'.
  5. The comments on her Arbonne posts on Instagram dddddd

    “Doing Arbonne is like hitting somebody on the knee with a metal pipe.”
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  6. Did you all know that Mark Zuckerberg was a hun???
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  7. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    I was hoping someone would post a link to this.

    The most tragic episodes were those that exposed the manipulation of desperately poor people in under-privileged nations where people put their entire livelihoods in the scheme. And it was sold to them as “getting one over” on the big Western run banks.

    It reminded me of conspiracy theories or apocalyptic religions where people become so invested they double down on the cognitive dissonance so that anyone that doesn’t believe in it is a “hater”. It becomes a psychological protection mechanism because accepting you’ve been duped would be too devastating.

    It hammers home the importance of numeracy, critical thinking and basic economics in education.
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  8. Started The Dream this morning and already hooked - thank you for the recommendation!
  9. What a sad existence these huns have if money/being a billionaire is their only goal. I wouldn't want to be a billionaire.
  10. The Dream is fascinating! Thrilled they're doing a second season.
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  11. I’m The Sassy Tenacious Fempreneur, u?
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  12. The Gritty Prosperous Fempreneur??? I think slay.
  13. The Wildly Empowering Coach. Sounds about wrong.
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  14. The Sassy Persistent Boss Babe is the new The Elusive Chanteuse.
  15. Today I learned the word Fempreneur.
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  16. Fave Britney album!
  17. The Talented Tenacious Commander. Kellegend been knew.

  18. So much listening and watching material thanks to this thread. Thanks all.

    I strangely have never encountered MLMs. They just don't seem to be a thing in Ireland (except for being the location of European HQS for MLM companies). It's probably because the population is too small and you would burn alot if bridges quickly. Instead, Ireland has the world's most lucrative influencer market in the world and influencer scams are the main problem.
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  19. The Dream season 2 is off to a rough start. The host and her neck tattoo husband talking about crystals and brain injuries for an entire episode... what is going on?
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