MUNA - "One That Got Away" + General Discussion

Over its 11 tracks, this album has everything: Frou Frou influences, subtle nods to “Crew Love” by Drake (rapper and self-proclaimed lesbian), hints of Lilith Fair (or “2000s singer-songwriter energy"

With sonic influences like Robyn, Phil Collins, and The Cranberries, the album taps into a sweet, albeit wide-ranging nostalgia. “‘Handle Me’ was definitely a sexy early 2000s movie. This would be in The O.C. ... during a make-out scene on early L Word
I literally say this all the time but why do they get me so bad??? I love every single one of these things with a passion.
That review is some badly written stan goggle nonsense, but I'm really excited for this record to finally hit. Feels like this campaign has lasted forever already.

At this point Anything But Me is a serious SOTY contender and I really warmed to Home By Now too. Now load me up with even more melancholy nutrition!!!
Some more reviews are trickling in.

Stereogum: MUNA Are Bound For Pop Stardom, And Nothing Could Be More Fun
9/10 - Loud and Quiet
8/10 - RIOT Mag
8/10 - Gigwise
MUNA have created an album that embodies the queer existence in such a beautiful manner. It’s a record for the (maybe) first ‘post-COVID’ summer of release, of rediscovery of who we used to be, maybe discovering who we’ve become now. MUNA is for a summer of forming new relationships, friendships and whatever may fall in between. It’s a record for those finally able to embrace their queerness without a two-metre distance, those who have had to hide themselves over the pandemic, those who have longed for these moments of freedom and satisfaction. MUNA have created a sanctuary of their own, for us to get lost in or to find home in on the dancefloor or in our bedrooms.

With a collection of bangers, slow tunes and refreshing melodies, MUNA are magic. They’ve created a space for all to lose themselves into for a little while, whether to dance or cry, they’re here to carve through the monotony and troubles of daily life and transport us to a different, brighter, louder, prouder, and safer place.
Get that 80+ Metacritic score, icons!
I completely forgot that I had even ordered the green vinyl or that this was coming out on Friday until I got an order processing email yesterday.

Thrilled to see such positive reviews already!