MUNA - "One That Got Away" + General Discussion

So excited to see them again on Monday, the setlist looks hot

(Though I am shook only one song from the debut made it through)
I’m really hoping they do Everything instead of Shooting Star, it seems they mostly do Everything but switch it around every other date.
But yeah, the lack of debut material is disappointing, thankfully I saw them live in 2019 where they played most of it.
Any idea of what merch they’ve been selling on the UK leg?

A few T-shirts:
- a pink one saying "Muna made me gay"
- an olive green one saying "the greatest band in the world"
- a pale blue one with the logo on the front and the album tracklist on the back (which I got)

A black sweater with "life's so fun" on the front

Also logo stickers and Muna on black vinyl, signed or unsigned and on white vinyl.
I'm absolutely gutted that once again I'm missing out on seeing them due to anxiety. I've been in such a bad place for the past couple of days and I just can't face it.
The upscale from Club Accademy to Albert Hall between album cycles...

They'll be selling out Accademy 1 next time, which is the same trajectory Tove Lo has just taken (though I'd rather they stayed at Albert Hall, it's prettier).
I forget to get a signed vinyl though ugh
Tonight was so amazing, the energy was sky high and the crowd were singing along to all of the songs, great atmosphere.
Katie was on fire, especially in that outfit!
I was hoping so much we’d get Everything tonight and we did.
I wasn’t a fan of any of the clothing merch though, until after the show finished touts outside the venue were selling a black T-Shirt with the band logo and tour dates for £20, perfect, I snatched, and a lot of other fans did too.