MUNA - "One That Got Away" + General Discussion

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Can't decide whether 'Number One Fan' or 'Anything But Me' is their best song but you know the best thing? You know they'll just release another best song in time.
Them getting dropped literally brought forth their best music thus far and the best opportunities. Prior, I mildly enjoyed the first two albums, Saves the World more so but self-titled changed it all for me. No skips & the replayability is limitless. Loved seeing them live this year as well.
I’ve dedicated a lot of time getting to know the new album on the build up to the UK tour, I’ve come to the conclusion that while I enjoy it, there’s something missing from it that was very much present on the first 2 albums, something that made me love them so much and want to come back to over and over, particularly the debut.
There is a more watered down feel to the new album, which I think is intended.
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All three albums have different mission statements.

1 is trauma
2 is FUN
3 is kindness
Funny, for me it’s more like
1 is trauma
2 is recovery
3 is FUN

Like so much of Saves The World uses self-help terminology and actively deals with the painful, euphoric process of recovery (It’s Gonna Be Okay, Baby), whereas on self titled they feel entirely unburdened by their problems and just allow themselves to have some FUN.
I actually think a lot of this album is intentionally narcissistic and selfish which I vibe so hard with nn. Like, yas, be the villain til the self-reflection kicks with the last two tracks!
I actually find their first album a little too heavy, and for me it borders on pretentious in places. It is my ‘least loved’ of the three.

It’s still a fantastic album though. As we have gathered, their quality control is incredibly tight.
About U is still the one, it would've been an easy AOTY for me if it didn't share its release year with Ctrl and Melodrama. I like and love the other two albums respectively but there's only a handful of songs from them that quite hits the Winterbreak/Everything/Around U peak of the debut for me since. What I Want, Kind of Girl and Stayaway being the obvious highlights.