MUNA - Saves the World


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Good News might be my favorite thing here. It’s so different from everything else and is giving me 90’s indie coffee shop teas. That verse about the kitchen

With how special their debut is to me, I was just the tiniest bit nervous that maybe this one couldn't land in quite the same way. About U just came out at the exact moment that I needed it, and those are the kind of circumstances you really can't just recreate.

Thankfully, this album feels every bit as emotionally resonant and intimate as the first. I need more time with it for sure, but I found myself tearing up a few times on my first listen. The vocals. The production. The lyrics. Everything just works together so beautifully. I expected it to be, but I'm still quite thankful I can say that this is definitely an AOTY contender for me.
This is amazing. It captivated me from the first listening...something their debut wasn’t able to do. Now i’m off to replay Pink Light again.