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MUNA - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Sep 1, 2021.

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    I know it’s their M.O at this point but Kind Of Girl is so hard-hitting, I feel like I need a breath after each listen. They’re so vital!
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  2. Eh, Taken had to grow on me as well: it's a perfect song but the way it unfurls isn't exactly immediate. I think when an act's discography is so strong already it's okay to split hairs a bit over high expectations.
  3. It’s also fair to point out that their focus has shifted a bit from devastatingly specific grief bops over time to a broader palette. If you fell in love with them from the first record then everything not in that mould is going to take a bit to warm up to (Saves The World made me do a bit of a double take but I fell in love HARD almost immediately). The singles from this so far are very good. Are they great? Time will tell. For most artists this would be incredible stuff but for MUNA it’s just good. To me. I need the album as a whole to the get the full experience.
  4. Oh Yes!
    See you in the Albert Hall Hens..

    What a venue upgrade from the last tour.
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  6. It's so satisfying seeing them being able to tour properly – these are decent sized venues.

    Hopefully next year they can use this new album as a jumping off point to make some serious festival season coin as well, which they've not managed to do just yet.
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  7. 5 days after Tove... not sure I can make the trip twice in two weeks or stay in London a week. Fuck.
  8. My fave venue in my city on my birthday… a main character moment!
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  9. Ok so I was at their gig in London tonight and they debuted their next single Home By Now.

    Let me tell you. It sounded like their best song ever? I got Robyn/Foxes’ Sister Ray vibes. Such a euphoric sound. So maybe a sound that was closer to About U.

    Kind Of Girl was so incredible. One of the highlights of the show along with Pink Light.

    I was quite stoned though so perhaps the praise for Home By Now is too much. But I think they’re about to drop a 12/10.
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  10. My ticket code isn’t working… and the Scottish dates don’t seem to be on O2 priority… anyone have a code that actually works?
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  11. I am going to Birmingham!!!!
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  12. The album preorder code is kindofgirl - worked for me here:
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  13. Should hopefully be going to the Liquid Room show - they're brilliant live.
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  14. Same!
    Thanks. I had that it just took a while to work for me.
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  15. Seeing them in Bristol, cause by the time I got to it, London only had seats left, and I'll be damned if I listen to MUNA of all bands lounging in a chair.
  16. Tickets for Glasgow and Edinburgh purchased. They are probably the only band I would see more than once on the same tour!
  17. Got my tickets this morning. Ready to be sad!
  18. It's gonna be OK baby...
    Got my ticket
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