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MUNA - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. What I Want is a damn monster of a track!

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  2. [​IMG]

    is one of the artists featured in the


    Do you enjoy

    • good music?
    • pitting PJ faves against each other?
    • mess?

    If yes, then make sure to participate!
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  3. This looks like a serve!
  4. They’re really trying to kill us, aren’t they
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  5. Is it Friday yet.
  6. I just got my dispatch email for my signed green vinyl. I'm so ready for this, it honestly does feel like this campaign began ages ago.
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  7. Queen Meg Stalter (from Hacks) and Matt Rogers (from Fire Island and the Los Culturistas podcast) are in the video as well!!
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  8. The colour palette in that picture is very Chromatica. Me likey.
  9. Oh wow this is so good. Even Home By Now which I was a bit cold towards sounds so much better following the previous songs and sets up Kind of Girl so well.

    It’s all this perfect mix of 2010 indie dance pop with 00s pop rock flourishes.
  10. That Labor Day comment is a bit funny. Saying it's an album you'll want to listen to for a couple of months is not exactly the highest of praises nn
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  11. "You can't listen to MUNA after Labor Day!"

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  12. ugh not me realizing I ordered the olive green vinyl from the european store....oops!
    I was hoping this would be shipping to me already. Oh well, bring on Friday at least! I can't wait to hear this in full.
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  14. Jesus, aren't there any lesbians in New Zealand? Why can't I find this yet?
  15. Another home run album!

    Runner's High is my favourite right now.
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  16. I'm ready!!

    Also dd...

  17. Okay the lesbians finally came through, I'm diving in.
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  18. Sorry for the double post but I'm just coming to say that, one listen in, it might immediately be their best yet. And I say that as someone who loved both of their other albums. This is lush.
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  19. This album is phenomenal, wow!
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