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MUNA - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. Excited to dig in!

    They will never disappoint me, I’m so happy.
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  3. Runner’s High… I’m levitating!!! This album flows so beautifully
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  4. Trying to do a second listen through but I can’t stop playing What I Want on repeat. Holy fuck.

  6. I saw someone describe the production of What I Want as Into You x Gimme More and I thought “well I’m only going to be disappointed now” but I couldn’t be further from disappointed!! Saving the rest of the album for tomorrow but I am ascending
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  7. I’m so jealous of everyone already hearing this but I’m glad it’s getting an amazing reception so far. Ready to ascend at midnight.
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  8. Katie living her full mid 2000s Lilo fantasy topped with the Sam reference. *Chefs kiss*
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  9. Holy fuck What I Want is massive.
  10. I shouldn't have read this before listening.

    The album's good on first listen - my favorite might actually be Handle Me.
  11. The 1-2 punch of What I Want and Runner’s High has stopped me dead.

    I love the video for What I Want as well. I need it to be the song that takes off because hearing it whilst dancing the middle of a gay bar is all I want right now.
  12. It's crazy how they made the exact album I needed to hear today. I love this band so much.
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  13. Yeah this is fucking incredible. They really nailed everything here, from the aesthetics to the music itself. A triumph.
  14. What I Want is brilliant. Just about to dive into the album. Happy Muna Day!
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  15. This album is just back-to-back bops.

  16. The cover of MAILGAZE ddd
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  17. Just listened to 'What I Want' and yeah, it's giving me the same rush I get when listening to a song like 'Into You'. Excited to delve into the album.
  18. Not even finished Want I Want and my bussy’s feeling destroyed girlies. FUCK
  19. Album is very good. Probably too soon to call, but possibly their best yet?
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