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MUNA - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. Not listened yet, but I've had a big about turn of face to Kind of Girl. It's the bridge for me!
  2. Loose Garment, gorgeous.
  3. This is a great album from start to finish. Runner’s High is the one.
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  4. Ooooh that Lucky Star reference at the finish line!!! This is so gay and joyous.
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  5. ‘What I Want’ their best song since ‘Number One Fan’

  6. The album is so, so good. I love every track on first listen? Like, how?

    Greatest band in the world indeed.
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  7. Runner’s High was such an intense trip to listen to at full volume on my AirPods that when the bus I was on backed up and make a loud noise I jumped out of my skin. TRANCE STATE.
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  8. I want the full effects
    I want to hit it hard
    I want to dance in the middle of a gay bar
    Ooh, that’s what I want
    There’s nothing wrong with what I want
  9. Just started it. What I Want to Runner's High. Holy shit.
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  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    What I Want is phenomenal, the music video is a real star turn from Katie to be honest. Too perched to listen to the album later on!!
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  11. They really are something else. They just get it and fuck they do it so well.

    I'm only 5 songs in so far and I'm completely blown away.
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  12. Something about Loose Garment is just hitting me so hard. The production is stunning.
  13. They understand pop music more than just about anyone else i listen to.
  14. aux


    Yeah, unsurprisingly, the album is excellent. Fuck, they just get it.
  15. So, SO good. Instant classic. Can't wait for November now!
  16. I haven't had a chance yet to fully listen to it, just wanted to say that the white Vinyl is available again in their US Store for those interested.
  17. Oh my god...runners high

    I'm ascending!!
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  18. I only got half way through on my way to work, but it's another win for the girls and gays.
  19. Completely overwhelmed by these 2, I think this is the best moment of their career so far?
  20. even though tonight when I closed the door I wanted to turn back
    I know when I see a shooting star to stay out of it's path

    As heartbreaking as Winterbreak.
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