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MUNA - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. I’m gonna have to digest this album more and more and get back to you on that! It’s definitely a contender!
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  2. 'Handle Me' is absolutely lush. I've already gone back to this one a few times too, It's gorgeous.
    The production in 'No Idea's chorus giving me shades of Kate Bush for some reason, maybe its the synth? Legends inspired by legends!
  3. Gay event of the year, I fear!
  4. I love the video for What I Want too. It made me love the song even more.

    What a triumph.
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  5. The horn and strings on Loose Garment

  6. Sorry to all that flopped to get tickets to the tour.

    'What I Want' is the most instant victory since 'Into You'.
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  7. What I Want is perfect. What a song.
  8. What I Want is the song of the year so far.

    The video is a complete serve too.
  9. She's so-so-so solid (She's so solid, my babe, she's so solid)
    Yeah, yeah, yeahh
    My baby's so solid (She's so solid, my babe, she's so solid)

  10. She's dancing to the song
    With all her leather on
    I think we'll get along
    Cause she's got what I want





  11. Just found What I Want on my Release Radar and its now been on a loop for an hour. A BOP.
  12. The melody in "Handle Me" took me back to the first time I heard "Never".

    I don't care if it's too soon, this is their best album.
  13. Was literally coming here to say this exact same thing. Just listened to it in full again on a long drive home…there was something so cathartic about hearing such an unapologetically queer album given what happened in America today…and everything here is just a level up in every way. The songs, the production, the hooks. This is undoubtedly their strongest, most realized work to date. It’s fantastic.
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  14. I know we love a good hyperbole on this forum, but they really said “Hey, we’ve released two 10/10 albums and we thought we’d give you an 11/10.” Everything is so fully realized and a beautiful evolution of their sound while giving you quintessential MUNA at every turn. I don’t know that they would know how to miss if they tried.

    It seems silly, but music absolutely heals, and with the insane shit show that is happening in America, this album was one of the only things to put a genuine smile on my face today.
  15. I mean, what gives them the right to take the thoughts from my head and put them into "What I Want" like that? Feeling this one with every atom in my body.
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  16. I’m also loving how…expensive…everything sounds. Despite losing their major label backing, its such a polished record but even with the polish it doesn’t lose any of their identity in the process. If anything, it’s the purest distillation of MUNA thus far. They were absolutely right to self title this one…it’s them.

    And as a Tinashe stan who suffered through the RCA years on here, I’m loving seeing them flourish and reach new heights after being freed from that wretched label.
  17. I think I might regret this either way
    If I write you in my heart
    Or keep you in the dark
    So I'll love you from afar

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  18. Runner's High is major
  19. 'Loose Garment' is my favourite today
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  20. What, an, album.

    Just dizzyingly good.
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