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MUNA - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. Shooting Star is incredible. I may be obsessed with the dizzying rush of What I Want but I think Shooting Star may end up ultimately being my favourite over time. I simply cannot resist a MUNA sad banger and something about the melody and production just feels so nostalgic.

    The album is such a triumph and we are so lucky to have them.
  2. Yup, that's the one for me, too. The production is out of this world.
    I hope Portis Wasp makes a video collage to it, it would suit his thing so well.
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Turned boring old Paul McCartney off on work’s speaker and put this on and sold a copy! My taste, I’m unstoppable xxx
  4. I’m laughing 'cause I know I only just met you
    But you're already expanding skylines inside my mind

  5. The bridge in Runner's High and then the bridge in No Idea.
  6. I am nawta brand neaw bie sickcle

    I am.... rough around thea eadge

    I am not a flow wer paetul

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  7. Did anyone else get their vinyl without the signed card?
  8. Outside of the few tracks Spotify has suggested to me, I’d never really paid that much attention to MUNA, but this album is so good and makes me happy I have quite a catalog to dive through.

    It really is a perfect summer album!
  9. I was ready to bitch about "Solid" being so short but she's so succinct.

    In parallel worlds & universes, this very much reminds me of WIMPIII in terms of both bands hitting a completely different stride on their third records. It's really beautiful to watch.
  10. I had this exact same thought when listening this afternoon, in how both albums represent both a consolidation of previous albums and a branching out into new sounds.

    What a triumph this album is. What I Want, Runner's High and Handle Me are my favourites right now, but there is an embarrassment of riches here.
  11. I want the Filofax
    I want to hit it hard
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  12. Let’s hope it follows WIMPIII’s trajectory with Grammy noms and performances!
  13. The one-two punch of What I Want/Runner’s High is just magnificent
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  14. I haven’t the words to describe how much I love this album yet, but, Handle Me is bloody gorgeous.
  15. Really wanted the orange vinyl but caught a copy of the olive green for $21 at a local store.

    The mileage this is going to have for me is astronomical.
  16. 2014

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    What I Want is legendary behaviour since when did they have the RIGHT
  17. This is basically Muna's "Golden Hour" (including the cowrite with producers!). It's such melancholic bliss.

    "When I see my friend, put something on her tongue, I'm gonna ask for one" sends me into space.
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  18. What I Want and Break My Soul are the Pride anthems of the weekend and that's that!
  19. This album is the only album so far that might trouble Avril Lavigne’s ‘Love Sux’ for my personal favourite album of the year… what a record!! ‘Shooting Star’ is probably the highlight right now but ‘Home By Now’ followed by ‘Kind Of Girl’… awww man those lyrics are too much. I think ‘Kind Of Girl’ has something incredibly, magically timeless about it. In a just world it would win ‘Song of the Year’ at the Grammys. in 20 years they’ll still be performing this song.
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