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MUNA - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. rdp


    I want the full effects!!!
    I wanna hit it hard!!!
    I wanna dance in the middle of a gäy bar!!!

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  2. The flip phone scene was a bit of a scream and added to the 2004-ness of it all.
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  3. Runner’s High, let’s just fucking enjoy that for a moment. This album…
  4. Is that... Wendy Williams?
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  5. I think the album is fantastic but it’s less an album conceptually and more a showcase of their range and talent. Almost like it’s a demo tape made to secure a record deal.

    That’s not a drag - they absolutely slay every track and genre. But I’m not sure it all hangs together as an album like the first two.

    thinking face emoji
  6. "I don't know where the blame lies, but you better believe I'm not gonna carry it all. I don't know where the shame dies out, but it's helping me to scream this is not my fault" has gotta be one of the most cathartic outros ever still.
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  7. The same can be said for 'Outro'.
  8. I was a little bit shook back in 2017 when I learned that was Naomi singing!
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  9. I'm enjoying this album, although the WIMPIII comparisons have an extra layer for me because in both cases I think the debuts are still their best records. About U is a masterpiece I don't think they'll ever top.

    This is a great album though that holds the interest front to back and tries new things. What I Want is thrilling. Home By Now and Anything But Me are two of their best ever. Loose Garment is so gorgeous, and Runner's High slaps.

    As @Square said above I do think the sequencing is a bit off and it feels less like a complete album. Handle Me to Solid is also a minor dip/saggy point. But I imagine it will keep growing, and I do think it's quite a bit stronger overall than Saves the World.

    The best moment on their biggest pop song. I love Loudspeaker so much.
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  10. The one moment on About U that may beat it for me is "After everything, everything, everything EVERYTHINNNNNNNNNGG!"
  11. The highlight of About U for me is this lyric in Around U:

    The house still stands where it was built
    I know 'cause I drove by tonight
    A candle in the bedroom
    Where I once performed a holy rite

    That album honestly goes beyond being an incredible pop record for me, it defined an entire period in my life when I was truly starting to find myself.
  12. The way I feel like it is pretty accurate though? The energy of the song is spot on. It is clearly What I Want!

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  13. The grip this album has on me though. Like the way I’ve streamed this since Friday has to be contributing to at least half of their overall numbers.
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  14. I do agree that there is probably a better track order to make it flow even better, but that's a minor complaint when the music is THIS good. (With that being said, if anyone comes up with a better track list, do share.)
  15. I've been waking up with 'What I Want's first first verse in my head since Friday!

    Gay rights!!!
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  16. Today’s listen I kind of realised how perfect What I Want would open the album, I feel as though Silk Chiffon is the opening because it’s the hit.
    Again though, a very minor qualm, I love this album.
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  17. I had the same thought!! Opening with What I Want running to Home By Now and then slot in Silk Chiffon.
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  18. Around U (and the whole album) decimated me when I finally gave it a listen a few months after it came out. I had just “given it another go” with my ex, and it hadn’t/wasn’t going to work and FUCK this album is what I needed at the time. I think the whole thing is just impeccably written. It feels like they as a band needed to get it out of their system, and that they will continue to mine those kinds of “cathartic depths” in songs on future records, but never let it be their defining trait, which I totally respect. The debut is like sitting in your sadness, while the follow ups are much more outward looking.
  19. What I Need..
    Single of the year with Dance For You and Break My Soul
  20. I don't know what the general consensus is for how their albums rank, but their first is definitely the one I connect with the most.

    'After' was there when a friend of mine committed suicide by overdose.

    It feels like a dream, what happened last night
    In the morning I am waiting in a long, long line
    I felt so connected, I felt so high
    I am going to be lonely for a long, long time

    'Loudspeaker' helps get the emotions out when I'm a little bottled up.
    I was working of doing a conceptual number to 'COTBF' when I was working on doing drag more regularly (COVID and cost of living swiftly put an end to that)
    'So Special' picks me up a little if I get left on read.
    'IULMN' was my aforementioned friend's favourite song.
    'End of Desire' has a beautiful dichotomy of hope and sadness.
    'Outro' is such a "let it all go" kind of moment - when those guitars explode, it feels like an emotional cleansing.

    I love their bops too, but the way they express sadness with so much grace and insight alongside Katie's naturally mournful voice; it's impossible to deny that it's their strong suit.
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