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MUNA - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. Which of their songs is worse, Diane? Do you know?

    MUNA’s “worst song” is an oxymoron in any case. As I said, everything is relative.
  2. Loudspeaker is easily their worst song for me, I cannot get around the pronunciation of the title on it.
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  3. Memento is pretty tedious and the vocoder or whatever on Katie's voice is unpleasant.
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  4. I guess we'll find out in my upcoming MUNA Discography Rate! #soon

    The takes just keep getting worse!
  5. Mine hasn't even dispatched...
  6. Ok but that’s basically an interlude and the somewhat quotidian lyrics still work better for me than the slightly more generic Solid.
  7. If you don’t see “Solid” as anything other than a delicious lil slice of joyous pop, I fear you’ve got something terminal! It helps that it houses one of the best bridges on the album.

    Long live “Solid” supremacy.
  8. [​IMG]

    I just went through their albums to try to come up with the “worst” and I literally drew a total blank. I really can’t see myself giving less than a 7.5 in their rate unless there is some random ass Extra I’m not thinking of. (With that being said, In My Way, Bodies, and Sometimes are all 10s!)
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  10. I genuinely don't know what I'd say is their worst song but If I HAD to choose. "If U Love Me Now" it's still an 8/10 (Also I didn't include self-titled cause it's too early to rate).
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  11. A bad MUNA song????


    I mean yeah their discography is still pretty small right now but it’s fucking bulletproof.
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  12. Yeah i'm too busy bopping to that bouncy 80s beat and insanely catchy "so so so solid" hook to really pay attention to the lyrics to be honest.

    The Los Angeles trio steps fully into their role as pop stars and mentors, offering gentle instructions for falling in love, dusting yourself off, and joyfully living your truth.

  14. Siri’s so dumb she’s going to think Shooting Star is one of my most played songs, because I’m still getting over Loose Garment ending for 20 seconds every time.
  15. *screaming* at their 7.7 tattoos only for Pitchfork to give them .1 higher after. Trolls.
  16. So... I was blasting this yesterday at work and my colleague said thanks for those amazing songs yesterday.
    Their hit album.

    Of course What I Want was most played yesterday. And today.

  17. Not this after they teased their score in the feature they did on them earlier this month:
    Absolute trolls!
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  18. The drum clashing in Runners High with those ethereal synths before smashing into that garage loop, I-

  19. Handle Me...


    What kind of lost Hooverphonic classic.
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  20. To be honest, in the grand scheme of things and divorced from Pitchfork's history of rewarding much inferior albums with higher scores, 7.8 feels pretty spot on. It's a very strong record with good songs wall-to-wall, but not exceptional. I love 75% of it and quite like the rest, but similarly to Dance Fever, while very satisfying, it doesn't push my obsession with them any further.

    Still looking forward to seeing them in November though, if previous tours are any indication, those songs are going to explode live!
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