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MUNA - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. I like the album, but I find the way they talk about music more interesting than the actual music sometimes. What I Want is obviously incredible, though.
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  2. I agree. The score’s pretty spot on for me, too. It’s a good album, but I don’t find Muna to be particularly innovative or anything, ddd. That said, the single choices were pretty much perfect.
  3. I wish they had taken Anything But Me into country pastiche territory. It’s crying out for production flourishes and Katie’s old singing style of stretching out syllables
  4. Anything But Me is truly a perfect pop song. The best of this era.

    I also had a major moment to Stayaway the other day. Saves the World was low key in general but that song deserved more attention.
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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    No Idea is my MUNA song of the day.
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  6. I could get up tomorrow
    Talk to myself real gentle
    Work in the garden
    Go out and meet somebody
    Who actually likes me for me
    And this time, I'll lеt them

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  7. Want to re-raise the conversation about this video because I'm watching again and it's turning me ON has a music video ever been this HOT
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  8. The video is so good and proof once more that a big budget is the last thing you need to make a great video - you just need some fun camera angles, great styling and the burning ambition to actually make a great music video.
  9. I did a minor rejig of the tracklist and think this works quite well

    01. What I Want
    02. No Idea
    03. Runner's High
    04. Anything But Me
    05. Handle Me
    06. Silk Chiffon
    07. Kind of Girl
    08. Solid
    09. Home By Now
    10. Shooting Star
    11. Loose Garment
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  10. It's their best in my eyes
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  11. Every single one of their music videos this time has just been masterful and THIS to a t
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  12. Omg hey twin!!!

    I love how I've literally had a different favorite song from this each day since it dropped. Yesterday was 'Loose Garment', today is 'No Idea' tomorrow? Who knows? The possibilities are truly endless.
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  13. I mean pin this to the MUNA and Tinashe threads!
  14. Can I get a little more personal (raw) with you ladies for a moment?

    I've never been one of the bigger personalities on this forum, but I was always pretty active since joining in 2016 up until around late 2019/early 2020. One of my last posts here was in the Charli thread, explaining why I had been absent...long story short, I'd moved to a new state with a fiance I wasn't even sure I loved anymore, away from all my family and friends, and spent most of that summer literally having a bit of a breakdown.
    Anyway, I work in a field that got hit extremely hard by COVID. I spent 2020 sitting with people as they died right in front of me. It was hard, but by the end of 2020, it had also made me realize how short life is, and how important those you love really are. By that point, my relationship had long since devolved into an abusive, torturous mess. But I still knew barely anyone here, and had no idea how to go about leaving. And I was scared if I did leave, he would snap. It was a bad time.
    But I reconnected with my family. I made friends here through work. I got help. I found a cute little house about two hours away from where I was living, in a quiet, beautifully wooded area. I slowly but surely spent the last few months of 2020 and the early months of 2021 getting everything in place to leave. My birthday present to myself in March of that year was leaving. I'd quit my job a week before, explaining it to my (then) fiance that I was taking a much needed week of vacation time. The morning of my birthday, I watched him pull out of our driveway and immediately spun into action, packing everything as quickly as possible. He had a habit of coming home often throughout the day for breaks, so I wasn't sure how much time I actually had. I knew if he came in and realized I was leaving it had the potential to get dangerous, so I was panicking the whole time. I had a friend (now my boyfriend) waiting in the driveway to both help me get my things to the new house in one trip, but also to be there as a backup should anything happen. After a couple of extremely frantic, sweaty hours, everything was packed. I got my cat, Armani, into his carrier and got in the car. I put the car in gear, and left. I never looked back. I never said anything. I just left.

    Which is an extremely long winded way of saying that 'Runner's High' is (no hyperbole) probably one of my favorite songs of all time at this point.

    Didn't fake those tears
    But I haven't felt like crying
    Since I put the car in gear
    I've been feeling alright
    Moving fast so you can't cross my mind
    Didn't stay for the fight
    Honey, you should see me fly
    Since I ran out on you
    I'm on a runner's high

    Every time I listen to it, I'm transported back to that day, back to that moment when I pulled out of that driveway for the last time, back to that moment I burned my life to the ground in order to begin again. It's not a sad memory for me, but a proud one. And the song, and those amazing driving beats, and those beautiful's like they captured that feeling, so personal to me, in a song. That fear mixed with euphoria and determination. The feeling of jumping into the unknown, leaving the past behind. My life has gone from strength to strength since that day. A runner's high, if you will. This song will always mean so much to me. I always love when a song, or lyric, or video reminds me why I love pop music so much in the first place...and this track (this whole album really) is such a shining example of that. I'm grateful for it.

    DDDDDDDDDDDDDD sorry, ya'll! Thank you for coming to my TED talk. <3
  15. What an amazing and inspiring post! I'm sure MUNA would love to read it. Hugs and congrats on your new era!
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  16. We love a vulnerable moment and an ascension into a smash hit era. Congrats sis.

    This is why queer musicians (and this band in particular, who understand these emotional resonances so well) is important for all of us and worth supporting – it just fucking hits differently.
  17. That part. As queer people, no matter how different our lives are, we do share a common experience in a lot of ways. Having that put into words by other queer people...especially MUNA, as you a very powerful feeling. Exceptionally well said.

    And thanks ya'll. <3 One of the biggest reasons I decided to finally log back in here was the sense of community this board has. I appreciate the kind words, so much! <3
  18. Ddd
  19. I only just stumbled into the MUNA-verse after Anything But Me showed up in my Release Radar ('cause I'm a bad gay and always tardy to any party, dddd), but wow, the way this album blows my queer mind and has managed to cement MUNA as all-time favourites after only a couple of days!

    Ladies and gentlemen ... I stan.
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  20. They did 3 songs on Clara’s show on Radio 1 this evening, including a Frou Frou cover!
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