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MUNA - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. They sound so immaculate live. Roll on November! I almost want to go every single date but Edinburgh and Glasgow will have to do.
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  2. Is is streamable somewhere?
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  4. home.


    home (by now)


    Heard that you were selling your piano and your car
    Feels so weird to not reach out and ask you how you are
    Wonder if you're moving or if money's just that tight
    These are the kinds of questions to which I resign my rights, ever since
    I decided
    There were things
    That I needed
    That you couldn't give
    To me

    A SONG. The way I went from mild indifference to absolute obsession with this one.
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  6. 'What I Want' takes on an even more urgent tone given what's transpired regarding Roe v. Wade and the looming attack on gay rights...The way Katie sings "I want to dance in the middle of a gay bar" sounds less like a plead for an escape and more like a battle cry.
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  7. Gutted I missed out on tickets for their London show. Decided I would get a ticket today, and of course today was the day they sold out!

    Loving the new album, and for me it has really tapped into untouched territory for them both in terms of the musical influences and the subject matter. It seems… a million miles away from the darkness of their debut. Three fantastic albums though, their quality control is tight.
  8. Where's the EU date girls, I wanna dance in the middle of a bear bar.
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  9. Eternally late to the party, but I listened to the album for the first time today, and 'No Idea' is The One.
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  10. Not the Glasgow show selling out before my payday… I’m crying gals

  11. Number 61 in the UK charts this week
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  12. I'm so pleased for them! They sold 1,950 copies. That's a bit higher than what is typically needed to be in the 60s area of the chart, but this week has quite a lot of Glastonbury boosted albums above them.

    It's a great outcome considering that they're independent, and also the fact that the chart is so heavily in favour of albums with strong streaming. Most of the UK album chart is made up of really old studio albums that people cannot let go of (Ed Sheeran - 'Divide' from 2017 has been Top 20 all year so far..) and numerous Greatest Hits (just above MUNA at #59 is Maroon 5 'Singles', and #60 The Killers - 'Direct Hits').

    Here are MUNA's other positions in this week's UK charts:

    #2 - Independent Breakers [The UK's biggest independently-released albums of the week by an artist who has not yet reached the Top 40, based on sales of digital bundles, CDs, vinyl and other formats, across a seven day period.]
    #3 - Record Store [The UK's biggest albums of the week sold through 100 UK independent record shops is compiled by the Official Charts Company, based on sales of CDs, vinyl and other formats - in partnership with Record Store Day.]
    #4 - Independent
    #5 - Vinyl
    #10 - Scottish
    #11 - Physicals
    #13 - Sales [Physicals & Downloads]
    #35 - Downloads
  13. Top 10 in Scotland! Referendum now!
  14. I actually had the opportunity to go into multiple music shops this week and the physical wasn’t stocked in any format? I might’ve bought my first album this year if it was there but ok.
  15. I got a free Saddest Factory journal and t-shirt with my vinyl so clearly that's why the Scots have caused it to go top 10. Free shit
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  16. 8 days after release date, I finally got a delivery from Recordstore today. However they've sent me the standard black vinyl rather than the olive green vinyl.

    Sigh, remind me not to order through them again! I'll email them, but the store is showing as having sold out, so I'm not very hopeful. The signed poster is very nice, but my main reason for ordering was for the colour variant.
  17. I had a similar experience with Norman Records through their store. Bought vinyl with signed card, didn’t receive signed card, queried it, they said the vinyl I purchased didn’t come with a signed card, emailed them a screenshot of my order, their response ‘oh, our bad, we don’t have any left, here’s £5 off your next order with us’.
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  18. If you can get a refund, Juno still have some of the green vinyl left.
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  19. Okay, so what # did they actually debut at? Dddd.

    Edit: Oh, it's #61. Good for them!

    The UO orange is back up, too, if anyone wants it. Keeps going out of stock, though: SIZE&quantity=1
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