MUNA - (Self-titled)

Saw them at the Grammy Museum for a Q&A moderated by Phoebe Bridgers, alongside 5 songs - What I Want, Home By Now, Kind of Girl, Anything But Me, and Silk Chiffon with Phoebe.

The Q&A was hysterical. They have such great chemistry while performing and bantering. It was fascinating to hear about how some of this album was made:

-Loose Garment was inspired by Guy Sigsworth's What It Feels Like For a Girl and Frou Frou productions
-Katie was frustrated by the vocals on What I Want and she said you can hear her anger in the final performance
-No Idea almost didn't make the album and was submitted down to the wire
-Their favorite misheard lyric is "Like Big Bird Standard" on Number One Fan
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This album is great but I'm sad I'm not obsessed with it as I have been with their other two. What I Want is in their top 5 songs though, whew my wig.