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MUNA - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. I saw a numberplate on a car that said 'LOY' the other day, it made me think of this thread.
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  2. Home By Now has become the one for me.

    They really made their lightest most carefree album and I still gravitated towards the sad wistful material.
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  3. Did you say hoy to Katie?!
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  4. Any other PJ cigs at the NYC concert tonight?
  5. My god, I can't wait for Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  6. This is how I discovered MUNA, thanks Jojo, been bopping to What I Want and Pink Chiffon for the last few weeks.
  7. Jesus Christ.
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  9. 'Anything But Me' live? I'm crying.
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  10. They're so good to us.

    Somehow I think a lot of the emotional delicacy of both Anything But Me and Kind of Girl is lost in these arrangements. Katie sounds great, but there's something slightly missing.

    Taken on the other hand... inject me with it. And Silk Chiffon feels even frothier and more boppy. Weird to hear Katie on Phoebe's verse but this has completely reinvigorated the song for me. The adlibs!!!

    As for August, I'll leave it to someone else to hyperbolise. But I love it more than Taylor's ddd. So soft.
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  11. Pretty sure that's not Katie!
  12. Prayer circle for a Taylor x MUNA collab on one of the next reissue vault songs.
  13. “August” starts off a little messy but it comes together by the end.

    “Sometimes” supremacy >>>
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  14. Yeah, not sure who it is, but it's definitely not Katie. Sounds nothing like her! haha
  15. It's Naomi!
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  16. rdp


    Taken... what a classic
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  17. Every song of theirs, except Solid:
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  18. Now Solid pops the roof off live so let’s not do this
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  19. Unrelated but post of the year
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