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MUNA - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. I kneW it was Naomi

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  2. Naomi has a pretty distinctive voice to me. They also sing lead on their Motivation cover and they usually do Phoebe's part live as well as backing vocals.
  3. August got a pretty good slot on New Music Friday US.

    Anything But Me pretty much has my song of the year wrapped up I think. Every play as joyful as the first.
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  4. The way I'm on nearly 700 plays and I'm still falling in love with it biweekly.
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  5. Legends selling out the entire UK tour
  6. I wanna dance in the middle of a sold out Muna gig
  7. They performed on CBS this weekend

  8. “Solid” is one of my most played tracks this year. It’s so effortlessly cool & the production bangs. Happy to see it get some love!
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  9. I have one ticket to sell for Leeds at face value if anyone's on the hunt. Gutted I can't go!
  10. Incredible night 1 concert in LA! At The Wiltern too, which they said they frequented during their college years nearby. Nice full circle moment. They also brought out Phoebe right at the end for Silk Chiffon.

    Only complaint is that I couldn’t snatch the “Why Is It So Hot In LA” exclusive T-shirt because it sold out in a quickness! I got there before the opener and still missed it!
  11. Umm

    JoJo joined them for Stayaway last night in LA. I need video ASAP. Why did I move???
  12. They covered Take Me Away from Freaky Friday last night also and Naomi did lead vocals for the performance.

    Fuck I love them so much.
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  13. This made me way too happy! Especially after all the memes dd.

    I found the JoJo one. This feels like a fever dream!
  14. This is amazing. I legit smiled during the entire thing. Katie doing all the choreo was also *chefs kiss*
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  15. I am obsessed with the Pink Slip cosplay and Take Me Away cover. Stanning them is so rewarding!
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  16. Well now I’m slightly relieved I didn’t make it to their first LA show because I would have been devastated finding out these things happened the following night.
  17. If anyone happens to have a spare London ticket for sale, please let me know! Twickets is proving a nightmare.
  18. I couldn’t get tickets for both Boston and London. Color me moody.
  19. Getting London tickets is actually proving impossible.

  20. Ticket now sold!!
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