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MUNA - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Sep 1, 2021.

  1. Is this still going? I’m desperate!
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  2. The Roundhouse gig was such fun - @believeagain , did you make it in the end?

    The self-titled is my least favourite album of the three (though still very good) but I've grown to love them more than ever over the course of this campaign. Everything - the music, the videos, the interviews, etc. - just screams queer joy and serenity in such an affirming, inspiring way.
  3. The show was so good. And probably the most beautiful crowd I’ve ever seen at a gig.

    Stayaway and Pink Light are still the highlights of their live shows but What I Want went off.
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  4. I did make it! So good. Home By Now was divine.
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  5. Saw them tonight - Katie is a main pop girl and Bimini was also there
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  6. First time seeing them last night, was so impressed.
    Raging that I missed Bimini and we arrived at 8.10. D
  7. They were really spectacular last night. Every song just perfection. Mr Brightside is an odd choice for a cover though. I can't think of a more straight dude song.
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  8. You're fucking KIDDING me. I leave places when they play Mr Brightside
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  9. Yup I was expecting the Britney cover when they said the next song was a cover. D
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  10. Such lads!! etc
  11. What have timings been like for them and Bimini? Seeing them tonight, can’t wait!
  12. Muna were on at 8:30 last night - an early show! I missed Bimini. Let me tell you. They were no substitute for Phoebe Bridgers during Silk Chiffon...
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  13. They came on at around 9:40 in London.
  14. No Idea and Solid might just be the best one-two punch on any album released this year.
  15. Revisiting the album ahead of tonight, and my God, what an 11/10 bop Home By Now is. Can't wait.
  16. I just cannot believe how hard they snapped with Runner’s High? I love this band so much.
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  17. I Know A Place being featured in a VT on Strictly Come Dancing. Get that mainstream promo!
  18. Wait is I Know a Place only a VT???? ConsIdering they’ve neglected the first album I’d be fuming at this.
  19. I mean on Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with the Stars) in the UK this evening on BBC. I don't know about their tour.
  20. They had What I Want in a VT on the first episode of the series as well!

    A shame they aren’t the musical guest as they have a gap in their tour schedule tonight!
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