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Muni Long (fka Priscilla Renea)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Beautifulcollision, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Never heard of her.

    It's a catchy song, all right, but her voice sounds terrible at times.
  2. I like this!
  3. Yeah I heard it a couple of weeks back and I like it... It's good. Priscilla's got a good voice.
  4. You mean the music video? Out for weeks already?

    I just checked and according to her official site, it says the vid comes out Sept 8!
  5. Ooh, I found this floating around a few blogs quite a while ago. It's alright, isn't it? Very Hot 'N' Cold.
  6. Cool vid. Hope it does well in the charts.
  7. This is what a debut single should show; range and vocal talent.

    I love this song haha, her voice is so unexpected.
    I hop she gets more popular.
  8. slimane

    slimane Guest

    So this is clearly a smash hit. Nothing original but very instant. I wish they'd styled her differently in the video though...I am so over this post Katy Perry "I'm so wacky..."I'm so kooky" aesthetic.
  9. They play this song on The N over here, and I heard it one morning before school. It was stuck in my head all day, I had to find it on itunes. I love this so much, but I feel like it's going to be another Jada - American Cowboy aka go unnoticed even though its really good.
  10. Fuck it, this is an amazing song. Every fiber of rational judgment screams "it's a generic, second-rate Dr. Luke ripoff! It's juvenile!" but I still completely adore it a few months on. Hell of a chorus.
  11. All prior threads on her have immediately died for lack of interest, but the girl deserves a proper official thread.


    Her first, album, Jukebox, flopped into oblivion, but displayed tremendous promise. 'Dollhouse' is a gem.

    Since then she's had a spate of prominent writing credits: Cheryl Cole's 'The Flood' and 'Promise This' (check out her far, far superior version here.); Selena Gomez's 'Who Says'; and Rihanna's 'California King Bed', on which she also sings backing vocals.

    I think Renea has a beautiful, distinctive voice and a knack for writing memorably earnest, poignant lyrics. She's going to have to find the right image and musical niche to showcase those qualities though - she's got attitude and spunk, but she doesn't look like a typical assembly line popstar, so she'll face that challenge.

    She supposedly has been recording new material for a forthcoming album. Hope she finally breaks out, she's really special.
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  12. I loved Dollhouse! So good. And she wrote California King Bed? I think I like this girl.
  13. Priscilla has a lovely voice and she's obviously very talented. She deserves to be successful for the fact that she lets awful singers such as Cheryl Cole to take credit for her singing.

    That was amazing!
  14. I really like her debut album/songwriting. She has a leaked track called "Turn it Around" that is FANTASTIC.
  15. 'Turn It Around' is spectacular! What was it recorded for? It should have been the second single after 'Dollhouse'! Would have completely pre-empted Jessie J's 'Pricetag'.

    I'm sad this thread sank like a stone like the others. There are some artists that just have trouble getting buy-in from any kind of an audience. Not to exclusively play the race card - after all, there are struggling artists of every color - but it's all the more troubling for the complete lack of successful dark-skinned black women in the pop industry. Particularly for this kind of Pop with a capital P, race presents an extra challenge with Western audiences that aggressively categorize music racially (i.e., black = urban/rap, and nothing else). And the exceptions we see to that are almost exclusively mixed/pale/racially ambiguous black women. It's one more reason why it'll be interesting to watch up-and-comers like Priscilla and... Keisha Buchanan? I can't even think of any others who might break that glass ceiling.
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