Music League: Part 2! PJ £20 Winners!

This was my highest ever placement in the League, missing out by 2 points for joint 3rd.

Many Thanks to @Maki and @WoW73 for the 5s.
And thank you for that excellent rediscovery!
(looks like @Phonetics Girl gave you 5 points as well)

I was really slim with options for this pre-80s round, this is the first song I sent:

I did want something a bit more well-known, and since my other options included non-English songs which would've been eligible for PJ Retro, I decided to quickly check some playlists featuring 60s and 70s girl groups. "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" stood out the most and I was already quite familiar with it so I ended up switching to that one. Not a song I love, but it's rather lovely and probably among the best 60s girl group ones I've heard.