Music Not on Streaming (And Getting It There!)

Thought I'd kick this off but I noticed that Spiller and Sophie-EB's Groovejet is NOT on Spotify (other than an extended instrumental and the live version on Sophie's Read My Lips album).

Yet on a Google search, the single comes up (released by a UK record label) but the tracks are unplayable in the UK. That along with it not coming up in searches on the app makes me think it's geoblocked?

Wasn't Groovejet ultimately a million seller? Which makes it all the more odd it is not online in any way shape or form. Anyone noticed any other notable absences?
The poor Thunderbugs too - their album only got released on Minidisc in the UK (but on CD in Europe - not that they had any real success there). Looks like that UK shunning has continued to the digital age - even though the copyright is for Sony Music UK!


I have kept kindling asking someone at Sony's digital team about kindly 'flicking the on switch' for the UK but apparently they are too busy.
GRL's EP isn't on Spotify. For some reason 'Show Me What You Got' is available as a download seperately but there's nowhere to find 'Rewind', 'Don't Talk About Love or 'Girls Are Always Right'.

The Adulthood soundtrack was removed a few weeks ago, and randomly I noticed there's nothing by Leon Jackson on Spotify either.

EDIT - Also the X-Factor performances from 2016 got removed a while back as well, and they keep adding 2pac's Greatest Hits album and removing it as well.

PS - Wordshaker.
Anyone have any idea why these things happen? It surely can't be rights issues - particularly for the Thunderbugs example!
Gwen’s ‘Baby Don’t Lie’ isn’t available anywhere in the U.K.

Which is odd - I remember the single being up for pre order on UK ITunes back in 2014 but its release over here was cancelled a few weeks later for no reason.

Aaliyah's albums bar her first one aren't on Spotify UK either but songs like Try Again and More Than A Woman are available to stream as part of random compilations.
The song that it famously beat to #1 is also notable by its absence.

I'm still suffering from the withdrawal symptoms of not being able to stream this.

Most of the Nu Life record back catalogue is not online.

Sadly I think most of the major labels who have now acquired all these tracks just don't care. Of course they'd soon care if someone added them on via an online distributor!
I think some cases like Gwen's singles are symptomatic of being just before the era of global releases. Back when songs were rolled out progressively, it wasn't uncommon for them to pull them at the last minute to save the embarrassment of not doing well, and I assume it just hasn't occurred to the labels to quietly put them back on iTunes/Spotify in these markets all these years later.

Other songs like 'Groovjet' and 'Out of Your Mind' (which were the first to come to my mind too!), I genuinely have no idea and would really like to know the answer.
As is the second Alisha's Attic album. The first and third are on for the UK and the Greatest Hits but not the second (yet its there for someone on Spotify).

Anyone who's in the know have any idea? I get that there will always be territorial restrictions, particularly on music but it makes zero sense that the stuff above (maybe Gwen excepted) is restricted in the main territory it was released in/for.
Aaliyah's albums bar her first one aren't on Spotify UK either but songs like Try Again and More Than A Woman are available to stream as part of random compilations.

There was a really interesting article on this posted in the Jojo thread a couple of months ago. Basically the guy who founded Blackground Records, and wouldn't release Jojo from her contract, is Aaliyahs uncle. He owns the rights to her recordings with no plans to make them available for streaming.
the amazing Victoria Beckham double a side this groove / let your head go isn't available on Spotify, which has always irritated me
I think thats a case of it just not being on rather than being geoblocked. I enquired with the company that acquired Telstars assets after they went bankrupt and they said they don't have the rights for that one. I assume that VB (or her management company) bought the rights to all the recordings from that era to keep them unreleased. I've tried emailing her management about releasing just that double A side but can only get to an info@ address which is hardly likely to yield results.
Does it cost a lot for the labels to put things on streaming services?

I would have thought the benefit of having it on Spotify would outweigh not having it?