Music Not on Streaming (And Getting It There!)

Would love if Epic/Sony would get Pia Zadora's albums on streaming. I know When The Lights Go Out had a physical release in 2014. Those Jimmy Jam & Terry productions deserve to be streamed!

I have no idea who she is but those are my kind of album covers (and J&L productions are immense) so yes get them on to streaming pronto please somebody!
Pia was a 'star' of stage, screen, and some European pop charts in the 80s. She married a billionaire who helped promote her many endeavours. Whilst not the strongest actress, she could actually sing. She even did an album with the London Philharmonic Orchestra to moderate reviews.
Not to sound like a broken record, but I get stressed every time I'm going through my playlist and see songs from Trip the Light Fantastic greyed out. It also makes her greatest hits album essentially pointless.
Mentioned this one a few months ago and it turned out it was only available in Australia and New Zealand, but it seems to be available everywhere now, nice

With this, Music to Make Boys Cry and Come & Get It taken care of, the third Noisettes album plus Emma's second and third are the main omissions on Spotify for me.
What about songs that were only released on DVD Singles? Are they allowed to be put on streaming? Can think of some great solo Spice Girls b-sides that are missing:

Emma Bunton
Take My Breath Away (2001) - Invincible (Virgin)

Melanie C
Here It Comes Again (2003) - Living Without You (Virgin)
On The Horizon (2003) - Wonderland (Virgin)

Geri Halliwell
Desire (2005) - True Love Never Dies (Innocent / Virgin)

And there are also some Melanie C B-Sides on CD that are missing from her Virgin era:

Goin' Down [CD 2] (1999) - I Want You Back
Northern Star [CD 2] (1999) - Something's Gonna Happen
Never Be The Same Again [CD 1] (2000) - I Wonder What It Would Be Like
Melt / Yeh Yeh Yeh [CD 2] (2003) - Knocked Out
Yes as the audio is owned by the record label so they are free to do as they want as they would with other audio they own
@aquaplex apologies to ask, as I know how busy and hard you work in this area, but is there is any update on getting Sarah Whatmore online streaming?

Curious as I’ve been having a ‘When I Lost You’ / ‘Treat Me Like A Lady’ / ‘Come My Way’ moment today!