Music Not on Streaming (And Getting It There!)

I wish this would get put back on Spotify UK. Love that song and the mixes!

Yeah, it was such a bummer when this became greyed out a while back. And with it being a videogame soundtrack song, I imagine getting it back on streaming might be even more complicated.
Dunno if this is your arena @aquaplex but the last two songs on the S Club EP are swapped around. The You're My Number One (Jeremy Wheatly Remix) plays the Two In A Million (Mark Piccotti Remix) and vice versa. Same on the itunes store too!


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Can someone get Like No One's Watching by Molly Sandén back on Spotify worldwide. The EP is there with the acoustic version is there but the original version (in the UK) is greyed out.
Molly’s catalog is definitely strange. Youniverse was gone for ages but now it’s back? But for how long?
I think it’s her management not knowing what’s on streaming or what’s available in certain territories. I commented about Större not being available in the States on one of their and it was available again within a few hours.
Alas the poor Deep Dish edit of Hideaway which is now, er, hidden away. It's only a couple of months since I spotted it was on streaming and added it to one of my heavy rotation playlists.

Anyone here know why 2 albums by Norway's Bertine Zetlitz are not on UK Spotify? Rollerskating and Electric Feet are both missing.
Rollerskating is on a second Bertine Zetlitz profile for no reason. At least thats how it is in Cyprus. Try searching it by name.