Music Not on Streaming (And Getting It There!)

Tried searching for 3rd Party (The original that released Waiting for tonight) and didn't have any luck, possibly because it wasn't released in the UK but as far as I can find out it was released in the US, Canada, Australia & Germany but google isn't bring up much info about any digital release

Artist:3rd Party
Album: Alive (1997)
Label: DV8 Records
Yeah I just ripped the album to my local files as I can't see it ever being released digitally.
Both of those links work and play for me in the UK, just single tracks, but don’t show up in their discography on the app. Odd.
The original radio version of rhythm of the night pulls through from the album as Spotify has track matched it.

Try me out again it’s been track matched due to the label messing up and putting the album version on as track 1