Music Not on Streaming (And Getting It There!)

Unfortunately not, I have moved away from the village, so don't see him as much. Also both his parents passed away and one of the acts he manages also died, so I don't want to bug him at the moment.

I know on their socials, Supersister were discussing festivals, so I wonder if maybe they'll wait and see if anything comes of that.
I have noticed on Supersisters Insta, that it does say 'Lip Service coming 2024', so hopefully it is still on the way.

I did wonder if they'd release on the anniversary of Coffee, but that's October so I hope not!
Would love to see the following on Streaming:

The Lambrettas - Poison Ivy (1980) from their album "Beat Boys in the Jet Age"
Nick Straker Band - A walk in the park - the 1980 Original single release
Alexander O'Neal - Criticise - the 1987 single edit