Music Not on Streaming (And Getting It There!)

We got the album eventually didn't we - somehow - I think I heard it about 2 years ago - its amazing how long it takes some records to leak that got cancelled - I'd still like to hear the Taylor Caine one that Bombshell Cabaret came off of - the version of Don't Give Up I have long wondered about. What else recently - Sugababes obvs, I think the Theresa Bizarre one finally turned up too (may have had a limited release in some markets) - Love Bomb by Clare Grogan is still missing in inaction isn't it...
I have been looking to get Cry Before Dawn's Witness To The World single mix, but it doesn't seem to be available. Probably not the top of anyone's list but if possible it would be great.
Jentina when?!

Not really pop-related, but considering it’s been nearly 25 years since it was first released (plus it’s lead single “Circles” gaining some new popularity thanks to PinkPantheress), it would be amazing if you could get EMI/UMG to put up Adam F’s “Colours” album on Spotify. I’ve been requesting you lot to do this plenty of times!

UPDATE: Apparently Adam F has been re-recording a few tracks from the album possibly for an upcoming re-release. Can't wait for "Circles (Adam's Version)" then.