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Music Unavailable on Digital (and Getting It There!)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Praise be. Hallelujah!
  2. Annoyingly the debut Christina Milian album has gone from UK Spotify, it was definitely there last month because I was listening to it. They have recently added the bonus tracks to 'Its About Time' though because they weren't there previously
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  3. The very idea that Supersister's album could be finally be put out there is just too delicious for words!

    The only thing I see on discogs that could have been a promo for the album is this:

    I need to hear Lock Your Boyfriends Up as a matter of pop urgency!
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  4. I love this album! Glad it is on streaming. I do wish the bonus tracks were there but I’ll take what I can get.
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  5. Oh happy day! So AM to PM and When You Look At Me already have 14+ million streams - how do they have so many if it was just added?
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  6. I think the streaming numbers are w/w totals. They're generated from the songs metadata and ISRC codes.
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  7. @aquaplex I guess as it was just a bonus track on Aphrodite there's no chance of getting Heartstrings by Kylie onto streaming?
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  8. I loved it when Louise had all her singles uploaded to Spotify (including all the B-sides and remixes) with updated artwork. I wish all artists would do that. Imagine having all of Kylie's B-sides on streaming. Would be brilliant!
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  9. Just like The Saturdays are doing now. Its most welcome.
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  10. Tbh I’ve got so much on my list I’m unlikely to be able to try on this. There’s only so much I can ask the labels at once
  11. These will be worldwide streams being racked up from the countries where the album was available
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  12. Rob


    Thanks so much for getting Girlicious' second album on there @aquaplex, hoping Game Over makes its way to spotify eventually!

    Any update on Monrose?
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  13. Pussycat Dolls - Hush Hush; Hush Hush is now on Spotify UK. I literally only checked for it on Thursday and it wasn't there.

    Just went on Hold It Against Me's radio and saw it listed on a random compilation

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    @aquaplex Just wondering if anyone has requested Dannii's first 2 albums be uploaded in the US, or Nerina Pallot's Fires and Year of the Wolf. Don't want to make a double request if it's already being worked on!
  15. Ugh, so they add it to US streaming, but remove it from the UK! So annoying.
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  16. I did! And they UMG said they will do it.
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  17. Someone I know has asked but I can’t recall the situation as to whether they still have rights.

    by all means make requests on the website regardless. To be honest there’s so many requests that it’s only if something comes up a lot (ie Nicola Roberts album) can I push something up the list.
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  18. I was thinking about 2003 boyband Triple 8 earlier (as you do) and decided to read more about them. On their wikipedia page it says "The group parted company with their record label polydor in 2003, leaving their album, Heavy W8, unreleased which in 2020 will be renamed and in turn re-released" I just wondered if you know if there's any truth behind this @aquaplex ? I'm hoping for another Smoke 2 Seven / Rosie Ribbons type release.
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  19. They made some points with Give Me a Reason and Knockout.
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  20. They might dodgily upload it (hence the album name changing) but Polydor will still hold rights. And I can’t see the band having the £££ to acquire rights!
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