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Music Unavailable on Digital (and Getting It There!)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. To celebrate 30 years since her debut every week Mariah Carey is releasing EPs of her singles that were previously unavailable on streaming this week we are on Emotions era and got Emotions & Make It Happen next week will be Music Box era

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  2. Sorry, caught napping but here's some of the recent successes

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  3. Your hard work is much appreciated! I've been checking every Friday for Berri since I scanned the artwork.
  4. Godlike behavior.
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  5. Can we get Grace Jones' albums back on streaming? @aquaplex
  6. A few missing SAW ones, amazingly Rick Astley's 'My arms keep missing you' isn't on Spotify, nor Haywoode's 'arrival' album.
  7. Please can we get the Single Mix of Rachel's Funky Dory back up. It's still there in my library just not available any more. :(
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  8. I was about to post this as well. The albums were all available until a few months back when they were randomly taken down. Warm Leatherette has re-appeared recently but we're still missing Nightclubbing(!), Living My Life, Slave to the Rhythm, Bulletproof Heart and Island Life (Greatest Hits Collection).
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  9. Also, please can we get Toni Braxton's Libra digitized too!!
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  10. That's on there but under a different album title/cover
  11. Oh, I miss Libra's bonus tracks - namely "Suddenly" and "Long Way Home".
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  12. Any chance we could look into getting retired singer Sky Ferreira's Night Time, My Time B-Sides EP: Part One uploaded to streaming and iTunes?

    It was definitely available on iTunes years ago, or maybe it still is but it's region exclusive to the US like the Ghost EP was for years before fans @'d Capitol Records to unlock it.
  13. YES! I have playlists that NEED "Werewolf" and "I'm On Top".

    Also, As If! EP too. Just putting that idea out into the universe.
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  14. I do what I'm told. 260021BB-43F8-41A0-9356-F79F74C5B7C1.jpeg
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  15. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Yeah, I think this is because Edel (who released it in Europe) haven't digitised the European edition of Libra, whereas people have clearly been uploading various versions of the standard American edition since Blackground (who released that version) doesn't exist any more. The Walmart and Circuit City bonus tracks (Places and Happily Unhappy) aren't online either.
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  16. Places and Long Way Home are such lovely songs! Hopefully they will be added one day.
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  17. I want these on Spotify asap.

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