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Music Unavailable on Digital (and Getting It There!)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. JLS’s full debut, Outta This World and Jukebox are finally available in the US
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  2. Finally! Praise be. Let me go listen to Teach Me How To Dance on loop for a bop sesh.
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  3. Fleur East and Diana Vickers’ debuts are a gaping hole in the US streaming services.
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  4. co-signed
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  5. + Alexandra Burke
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  6. Does anyone know why Brenda K Starr's self titled album is missing on streaming platforms?

  7. Trying to show there is interest!
  8. I'd quite like the original 2010 release of this - there's only some 2012 mixes I don't like
  9. @aquaplex any chance you could look into December Will Be Magic Again by Kate Bush? I did some digging and it was on Spotify at one stage but now it's greyed out. Someone on Reddit says it's available in the US through this album (track 13) but I'm not able verify that.

  10. Sorry I just have way too many request on at the moment.
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  11. Are Samantha Mumba's "Body II Body" and the single version of "Baby Come On Over" blocked everywhere, or is it just the US? The Gotta Tell You album on streaming is the reissue, but those two tracks are greyed out. The original, non-remixed version of "Baby Come On Over" is available on The Collection, so I assume the unavailability is because of rights issues with the added sample, same for "Body II Body" missing entirely.

    Any chance of those ever getting put up? It surely misses something without those tracks, and the original version of "Baby Come On Over" is just not the same.
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  12. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I think it might just be the US. Both songs are available on Spotify in the UK.
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  13. We only have The Collection in Greece (and probably Europe outside UK) and Body is a Tall Pall remix while Baby is the album version. Sad!
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  14. I wonder if Body 2 Body is because of the sample. Not available in Sweden either.
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  15. BMG have acquired the German Popstars bands' back catalogue and the respective œuvres will be available to stream on spotify starting tonight. This is the best music related news of 2020. I'm shaking and crying.
  16. Amazing, been wishing for No Angels to be available in the UK for so many years. Bop after Bop.

    Only heard a couple of Monrose songs so I’m excited to explore their catalogue a bit more.
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  17. NEED Feelgood Lies and Hit & Run for my playlists!
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  18. I’d been emailing the owner of the Popstars Germany format and music all year! First it was Q1, the summer, the autumn, then silence. Glad these are now coming online now. No idea if my emailing for the ball rolling or if it was always planned but hurrah!!
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  19. This is so exciting to me. The solo songs by the NoAngels members are also on streaming now, meaning Vany's Dramaqueen and Sandy's debut album. Listening to Unnatural Blonde. Such a welcome throwback-moment!
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  20. So glad Monrose is back on streaming services.

    That's oddly appropriate considering their anniversary was just a few days ago.
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