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Music Unavailable on Digital (and Getting It There!)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Only Human is back on US DSPs, and finally the explicit version although just standard edition atm

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  2. Thanks goodness!
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  3. Yes I asked Universal about that last week
  4. This just is being in gay clubs in France in 99/00.
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  5. Just went to play an ultimate classic to brighten this miserable Thursday with Miss Kitten’s “Rippin Kitten” and it’s no longer there!!! Apple Music just about 30 remixes but the original has vanished, think it used to be part of some compilation album - devastated!
  6. Not on Apple Music yet. Sobbing.
  7. Might be a problem with Apple. Nicole Scherzingers album took forever to pull through
  8. Bereft to find out that Ian Van Dahl's iconic first album is not on streaming anymore. I need to bop to Will I? and Reason outside of YouTube.
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  9. Dannii's albums have so many restrictions "Unleashed" is half unavailable
    "Club Disco" my favorite geoblocked
    "Love and Kisses" geoblocked
    "Get into This" geoblocked
    "Hits and Beyond" geobloked
    "This is it:Greatest Hits" geoblocked

    "Move To This" by Cathy Dennis geoblocked but at least now we have "The irresistible Cathy Dennis" and with this the singles of the first album
    "Chasing Lights" By The Saturdays is blocked here too

    and this is the craziest Rachel Stevens profile is empty in my region! with nothing to show just a single (negotiate with love) with a very poor audio quality

    What can be done to make Dannii's albums available worldwide?
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  10. Dannii is on my radar but some of the early albums have multiple rightsholders I believe.

    Move To This by Cathy Dennis is coming very soon.

    Rachel Stevens is on my radar soon too. It's a case of too much by too few rightsholders, I can only ask for so much at once!
  11. Today's release. Add that to the Trouser Enthusiasts remixes playlist!

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  12. Legal issues. Basically a spat between the producer (who came up with the name Ian van Dahl) and the singer (who performs as Ian van Dahl). And somehow the rights to the music got caught up in this. Three years ago I was told they were working on a deal but nothing has been decided.

    157123145.pdf (
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  13. Thanks @aquaplex i really really want Club Disco by Dannii
    One question: is it possible that you could intercede for 2 albums also geoblocked by a Spanish singer named Marta Sánchez? The albums are "Desconocida" and "Los mejores años de nuestra vida" both belong to Universal Music Spain I have sent messages them but nothing in respons for years
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  14. Bonus release
  15. best to put a request here - i cant take any more requests on at the moment and best to put here so I don't forget!
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  16. Uno



    You are a true saint.
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  17. Manifesting the rest of Sugababes' discography becoming available in the US this year (including The Complete B's).

  18. Wamdue Project - King of My Castle (Radio Edit) has appeared on Swedish Spotify after years of being absent; weirdly I could always see it on the UK Spotify. IDK if anyone here had anything to do with it but I am feeling BLESSED this weekend.
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  19. Yep that was me (the Roy malone radio edit which was the main one and the original radio edit)
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