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Music Unavailable on Digital (and Getting It There!)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I think so? London-Sire + 143 Records?

    Found this too

    Granted, I own all their music physically and it's on my iPhone, but streaming on the go on other devices would be nice too.
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  2. It’s owned by Sony (legacy BMG). Sadly there’s a very long list for Sony UK I am making little headway through.
  3. I can't remember if I've already asked, but Patrick Wolf's Lupercalia being the only album of his not on US Spotify is aggravating as hell.
  4. I wish all the Alisha’s Attic B-sides could be put online and the 3rd album “The House we built”.

    They had so many b-sides from what I remember you could make another album from them.
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  5. @aquaplex
    Hey hun,
    Do you know the reason why Dannii's first two albums are not available outside UK?
  6. Think rights are all over the place
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  7. I just want Leighton Meester to put her album back onto UK Spotify. It’s been like 3 years of radio silence.
  8. Babe @aquaplex can we get the Yasmin EP or at least the non remix version of this up?

  9. Friday gift - this is finally available in the US

    we got ONE! and the best one tbh

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  10. That's been available in the US! Bop of the century.
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  11. And only on Spotify, not Apple Music. *insert angry emoji*
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  12. A few dance tracks online in the last couple of weeks:

    (though need to get the file fixed as this appears to be an in the mix track not the radio edit!)

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  13. And for those who like their 70s dance remakes

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  14. Oh I agree @Vasilios bit boy oh god does the remix slap hard too! Up there as one of Freemasons finest!
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  15. Here we go! Un poisson! Oh non!

  16. Amazing work!
  17. Tweeted Steve from AATW earlier about Kelly Llorenna's "Nobody Like You" and he replied:

  18. Yes I dropped Steve a line a few weeks back. A slew of AATW releases went online in 2019 (all remixes and worldwide). I enquired about other stuff inc

    n trance - set you free 2001/ destiny
    Flip & fill - true love never dies
    Kelly Llorenna - nobody like you/ keep love together/ this time I know it’s for real/ I will love again
    N trance - mind of the machine/ electronic pleasure albums
    Porn kings - shake your shimmy
    Bus stop - Kung fu fighting/ jump

    and these are all in the next batch that are coming soon!

    Seems stuff like
    Soraya - when you’re gone
    Pascal - I think we’re alone now
    Tina cousins - hymn

    will be in the third batch.

    I assume kelly Llorenna’s album will be in the upcoming batch (worldwide)
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  19. Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) coming online this summer... ironically two hours before this tweet I had sent another email to Spiller in hope!
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