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Music Unavailable on Digital (and Getting It There!)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. I would love to have the 1992 album by Promised Land which consisted of Jon Moss from Culture Club and Nick Feldman from Wang Chung. It has an electronic feel that reminds me of the Pet Shop Boys and Erasure.


  2. This isn't on streaming, correct?
  3. Peppercorn's Free Love - I doubt anyone's exactly gagging for it, but it's a solid album and a shame that she's been so completely forgotten.

  4. Shanice's 1993 album 21. Ways To Grow needs to be put on streaming ASAP.

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  5. Back in the days of catalogue music subscriptions I remember asking my dad to order this for me because it was suggested for people who liked Jagged Little Pill! Qwhite telling of the time. Funny thing is this was around the time of Gabrielle being huge which makes the recommendation even more surprising. Loved this album though so thanks for the reminder.
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  6. I delved into it a couple of days ago and was surprised by how good (also, weirdly, not dated?) it sounded.
  7. Feels like ages since I’ve had something to post about. Really slow Q2 ahead...

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  8. Ooh I love the sound of this!
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  9. Any chance we could ever look into getting music videos digitised and put on youtube? The music video for 'Can't Get It Back' by Blaque has never been online in full but apparently aired on TV back in the day but was pulled when they got dropped. It was later released as a single by Mis-teeq.

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  10. I really wish Flume's "Tennis Court" remix was avaliable on Spotify. Since the video's about to reach 100M views maybe now would be a good time to tell Universal to release it!
  11. Is it just me or are all the instances of Planet Perfecto's "Bullet In the Gun (Radio Edit)" featured on Spotify actually "Bullet In The Gun 2000 (Radio Mix)"?

    Or do I have them mixed up?

  12. I forget which is which! But only one version is up rather than both.

    also online today!
  13. Going through those early-mid 90s Nows recently and it’s amazing how much isn’t available on streaming. But also there’s a bit of confusion, is The Deuce Project the same band as Deuce just released under a different name, or is it a cover band?

  14. I had never heard of The Deuce Project. A quick Google advised definitely not even though linked on apple.

  15. Yeah that’s a fault by Apple.
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  16. Thanks! There was a song with the same title so that brought even more confusion.
  17. Here’s some Luther!
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  18. Yes they are all the 2000 radio mix. The 99 radio mix is easy to spot as it starts with the chorus vocals acapella.

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  19. Exactly what I thought. Thanks for confirming!
  20. The full single package of Verbalicious' classic Don't Play Nice would be amazing. I loved the Mowgli Club Rub remix of it back in the day!
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