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Music Unavailable on Digital (and Getting It There!)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Have raised with Universal and more recent with XIX (19). The latter don’t like replying
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  2. You're an angel!
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  3. Is there a chance to get 'Step Aside' by Monrose (iTunes Bonus Track of I Am) on streaming?

  4. Both ‘High Fashion’, a bonus track from 3LW’s second album, ‘A Girl Can Mack’ and ‘After This’, the scrapped lead single from their mythical third album (that was never released) ‘Point of No Return’, appeared on ITunes last night.

    Great to have them, but any idea where they came from or who helped getting them uploaded? Also, any chance of any more?
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  5. Two of the releases appear to be Sony music
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  6. Someone bumping the Tymes 4 thread reminded me how much Id love to hear the Jason Nevins and Holly James track 'Heaven'. But not sure how likely that is these days.
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  7. Apparently Nevins is in the process of putting it online (but he needs nudging!)
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  8. BOPP
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  9. Also lost bop:

    Can we do something @aquaplex
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  10. It was on streaming yet like so many early 00s singles by Mercury/ Polydor, it’s come offline

  11. Been listening to Shanice a lot lately and really missing part of her catalogue.
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  12. Dunno when this came online but hallelujah, finally, etc.

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  13. Is this ever going to be readily available

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  14. Over on the Girls Aloud thread we’ve been discussing Singapore from their bonus disc on Sound of Girls Aloud. Any chance you could try and get this onto streaming @aquaplex

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  15. This and the radio edit of Wishing I Was There by Natalie Imbruglia!
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  16. Just came to post about ‘Tocas Miracle’ - I thought hell had frozen over!

    It’s pretty much the same as the 2000 and will very much ‘do’ for my many workout/summer themed playlists.
  17. I just gave Toca's Miracle a listen and it seems to be lacking something from the 2000 single version. Glad it's finally on streaming but I'll keep using my Now 45 version for now.
  18. I need the next Ryan Murphy “Feud” series to recount the Fragma v. Coco debacle.
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