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Music Unavailable on Digital (and Getting It There!)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Very very happy right now! Thank you so much, fingers crossed for Automatic next?
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  2. SO happy to have Toca’s Miracle and When I Lost You just in time for summer. Cannot beat early 2000s dance pop.
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  3. Just want you to know how much this development has made my week. You remain an absolute treasure.
  4. Okay I just compared the new 2022 upload of Toca’s Miracle with the version on Now 45, the structure is identical but the vocals on the new 2022 version actually sounds a lot cleaner? There’s some sibilance on the Now 45 version, so I’m wondering if the original mix was a vinyl rip? It was a bootleg after all, or the vocals sourced from vinyl, and they’ve recreated the mix with the proper clean stems for the new streaming version?
  5. Fairly certain these vocals are not Coco. The vocals used on the 2000 version were the ones from the bootleg which were original release owned by Greenlight Recordings (though Coco says she owns rights to those). The vocals that should have been used in 2000 were the new stems recorded for the 1997 Positiva release of I Need a Miracle. So yes, could be it’s dodgy vinyl rip acapella vox on the 2000 version
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  6. I love that they are trying but Toca's Miracle (2000) is iconic and no "new vocal versions" can live up to it. Amazing to think how many stars aligned for us to get it even then.
  7. Yeah it's amazing but I agree, it's not Coco's vocals. The 2008 remix on the re-release album, that's not Coco either right? My memory is that originally the 2008 was her vocals, but then they did a 'new vocal' version for it?

    I still find this whole saga wild - I mean Positiva not being aware Fragma using the wrong vocal recording from the Greenlight edition b-side, I still don't even understand how that happened, or how noone noticed before release.
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  8. Who cares about Toca's Miracle when Everytime You Need Me exists and is available for streaming?
  9. You Are Alive issabop too.
  10. I just realized that the lead single from Wild Orchid's shelved third album was released commercially, but is not available digitally.

    It would be cool to have either this single or this compilation which has both tracks from the single, plus a couple alternate mixes not on their first two albums, on streaming. They also had some maxi singles that'd be nice to have. Of course, it'd also be awesome to have their unreleased album, since it's already out there, but I try not to push my luck with unreleased stuff.

    I think this is a cause @TRAVVV could get behind!
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  11. I would love to have Atomic Kitten's 'Good Times' on streaming - can we make that miracle happen? That is the fucking lost lead single of 'Ladies Night'.
  12. These are new singles added? They weren't there two weeks ago.

    Is this the Trouser Enthusiasts mix you referred to @aquaplex on twitter?

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  13. Yep indeed!!
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  14. I've never heard of Peach before, but I love them! Checked them out thanks to the Pascal Gabriel/Paul Statham songwriting. Thanks for bringing them up on here.
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  15. Fantastic news about Peach! Thanks!
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  16. Great news this is on streaming!

    One of my all time favourite remixes, still gives me all the feels to this day. The word euphoric is bandied around too easily on here but this really is.
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  17. Frustratingly not the full length mix though!
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  18. They've missed some of the On My Own mixes too by the looks of it, which is a shame as the ones they've missed are the better ones if memory serves right?

    That early fade on the Trouser Enthusiasts Discomedusa Mix up there is all kinds of wtf too?!

    Will they be adding anymore?
  19. I sadly doubt more are coming. There was a TE mix of Le Click which also faded but assumed that was actually how the mix was!
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  20. Shouldn’t the fact that I bought the cassingle for “On My Own” by Peach (Union, since I live in stupid USA) mean that they should put it on streaming in the USA? Not bitter!
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