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Music Unavailable on Digital (and Getting It There!)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. BMG who own Mute releases this digitally. I think Mute licenced the track to Sony Epic for the US and that licence might still be valid so Mute can’t release in the US. Epic would have to do a release from scratch
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  2. Island

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    Javine's album is available in the USA!
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  3. The bio on Apple Music is sending me with its sheer delusion
    "In the early 2000s, Javine became a major R&B star in England, where her hip-hop-influenced urban contemporary has drawn comparisons to Aaliyah and Beyoncé Knowles as well as Samantha Mumba. Some of Javine's fans have viewed her commercial success in the U.K. as an example of either sweet revenge or resilience -- or both. Before Javine hit big as a solo artist, the London native suffered a surprising defeat on the British talent show Popstars; in 2002, she was among the contestants who competed for a place in what became the female pop quintet Girls Aloud. The program's judges included Geri Halliwell (of Spice Girls fame) and Pete Waterman (of England's hit producing/songwriting team Stock, Aitken & Waterman), and Javine was among the final contestants.

    During the competition, Javine became quite popular with viewers -- her admirers were certain that she would be selected for the group, but when all was said and done, she wasn't among the five female singers who was chosen. Some viewers cried foul, alleging that the votes were rigged and that Javine -- for all her popularity -- had the deck stacked against her. But that controversial defeat -- fair or unfair -- certainly wasn't the end of the world for Javine, who pursued a solo career in 2003 and was approached by several labels in the U.K. She ended up signing with Innocent Records, home of the female dance-pop group Atomic Kitten.
    Born Javine Dionne Hylton in London on December 27, 1981, the singer grew up in West London's Ladbroke Grove section (one of the stops on the subway's Hammersmith & City line). Javine's interest in music was greatly encouraged by her mother, who had a large collection of soul and reggae albums. Javine started building a music collection of her own as a preteen, and when she was growing up, her tastes ranged from Aretha Franklin (who she has cited as her favorite vocalist) to Salt-N-Pepa to British singer/rapper Neneh Cherry. At 18, Javine auditioned for the role of Nala in a London production of the play The Lion King; she got the part and played Nala for two years.

    After that came Javine's well-publicized participation in the Popstars series -- and for those who claim (true or untrue) that she got a raw deal, sweet revenge came in July 2003, when her debut single, "Real Things," entered the British pop charts in the Top Five. Although "Real Things" (a commentary on materialism and the bling-bling trend) wasn't a big hit in the United States, it was huge in the U.K. -- and in various interviews, Javine was quoted as saying that not being chosen for Girls Aloud turned out to be a blessing because a solo career had allowed her to move in a more R&B-oriented direction. In November 2003, Innocent released Javine's debut album, Surrender, and the infectious single "Surrender (Your Love)" became another major hit in the U.K. It was also in late 2003 that Javine became an opening act for pop-rapper Nelly on the British leg of his international tour. ~ Alex Henderson"
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  4. Island

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    You could be the hottest
    You could be the finest

  6. Samantha Mumba being placed on the same level as Aaliyah and Beyonce.

    Points were made.
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  7. How dare they paint Samantha Mumba with the same brush as those two also-rans.
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  8. How do we go about getting Mandy Moore's best album "Amanda Leigh" on streaming? It's the only album that isn't on there
  9. Miami Hit Mix, happily added!
  10. You’re the best!!! My husband is so excited about the full 70’s Moment Medley!
  11. Just in case anyone was unaware, this masterpiece is now back to stream:

  12. I was unaware and pleased to have it back and under 'Sugababes' finally

    Although typically confusingly it's also still listed under Mutya Keisha Siobhan
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  13. For whatever reason, Spotify can't or won't delete releases that are no longer available. You'll find it plays the Sugababes-listed version when you click play on the MKS version.
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  14. Brilliant news, thank you!
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  15. One album I would like to see on digital/streaming is David Grant's Change album from 1987.
  16. SockMonkey

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    Unfortunately it was back in the days of labels only being allowed to put 20 minutes of music on a CD single, which is what they have uploaded. The full length versions were only on vinyl, apart from the Australian CD single, which strangely had the full length Teenage Abattoir mix but still only the faded out Discomedusa mix.

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  17. I did ask if the Teenage Abbatoir mix could go up given it’s the longer version of the radio edit but heard nothing sadly.
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  18. Seems a bit homophobic I'm not able to stream this masterpiece this pride season:
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