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Music Unavailable on Digital (and Getting It There!)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. I would really like the single edit of Stay too

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  2. For anyone who has ever wanted I Am The Body Beautiful by Salt n Pepa

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  3. Thank you so much!
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  4. I completely forgot this existed. Bit of a bop.
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  5. This song is still such a bop but the choreography and the poor placement of the splatters on the jeans... the 2000's were rough.
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  6. I'm cynical so I'd like to think that was a choice.

    Back then I had a pair of bootcut plain blue jeans I used to wear to take in stock deliveries for work and without fail I would get bleach splashed on them from cleaning the cellar beforehand. By 2004, and about 150 cellar days later people were stopping me in train stations and in takeaways to ask me WHERE! DID! YOU! GET! THOSE! jeans. They looked like what Diesel was charging hundreds for.
  7. Will this be popping up on Apple Music?
  8. It is now


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  9. I have wanted Ready to Run on streaming for so long, thank you!!
  10. This is such an underrated gem!
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  11. If "Fuck You" takes off again post-Glastonbury, Parlophone could do well to get these remixes back online

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  12. God, this is frustrating. The single mix of Corona's "Try Me Out" remains unavailable digitally but I've just seen that the instrumental is on this odd karaoke compilation released by their label 12 years ago.

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  13. Yeah I noticed that a while back... so annoying!
  14. DWA are horrific when it comes to replying and getting stuff online. I feel they are effectively a legacy label and only do little bits of admin now. I’ve been asking for the UK remixes of Alexia’s Gimme Love for years (Eg the Uk radio edit is offline), even sending audio files and rarely get replies. They also tend to take three months off for summer.
  15. It's here. I noticed this weird upload/labelling a couple of years ago by accident.

  16. When we have added new 80s/90s Deluxe Editions to streaming, sometimes the wrong mix of a track or 2 plays. The correct version can often be found on another album with the original version or the version the track now plays instead. Not sure why this happens and they are often very slow to fix it.
  17. That is the single mix, but it's a backing track version. You can tell as the vocals are really low in the mix.
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  18. Oh, I didn't notice, but it's been about 20+ years since I heard the CD single.
  19. What is possibly my personal favourite early 90's House remix of all time appeared on streaming services June 30th. It's the Classic Club Mix of "If You Want My Love (Here It Is)" by The Cover Girls, it's of course part of an EP featuring all mixes of the song.

    I don't know if it's a vinyl rip or from original Masters but there's not loudness compression to it thank god.
    Now I need Maria Christensen's "Just a little bit of Love" and Debbie Gibson's "Free Me" EP with mixes appear there, too.
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