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Music Unavailable on Digital (and Getting It There!)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. dd I own the CDs, but thanks.
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  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    This has me intrigued.
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  3. I remember a snippet of ‘My Hit Song’ being on a sampler CD that I got with a bottle of Pepsi in like 2001, liking it and never hearing from this girl again, so color me intrigued as well.
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  4. Amazing to see Rozalla's second album come to streaming! You Never Love The Same Way Twice is her best song for me.
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  5. Extra one
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  6. Omg @aquaplex Ellie Campbell and Kontakt!!!
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  7. 2 monthly listeners for Ellie ALREADY!
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  8. Artful Dodger's Woman Trouble and What Ya Gonna Do? have disappeared from the All About The Stragglers album :(
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  9. I thought that too when I was listening to this album the other day, as I remember having them when I was younger on CD. I had just assumed I was imagining this but glad I am not the only person who has noticed this!
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  10. Hmm completely removed, not just made unavailable for streaming. Rights probably back with Public Demand. They were supposed to be reissuing that single digitally but still haven’t
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  11. And Rewind (though it is available on the single) which suggests the issue is definitely Craig David-shaped.
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  12. It's weird though. There's a version of "Re-Rewind" on Spotify credited to Artful Dodger feat. Craig David originally released through Relentless (now a Sony label) though for some reason it's listed under Ministry of Sound (another Sony label) and there's another version that's just called "Rewind" that's on Craig's album "Born To Do It" which is owned by Wildstar and Sony. Furthermore, even though there's remixes listed on the "Re-Rewind" cover from Sharp Boys and Grant Nelson, they're not on the digital/streaming release. (@aquaplex please get on it!)

    It's kinda confusing, though you are right Mr. Q4, I'm also assuming the reason Rewind's no longer on the London/Artful Dodger release it's because the song's rights are with Sony.
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  13. Just quickly regarding Relentless. The Relentless label of 1999 is not quite the same label as the Relentless of today. That is to say, at some point about 10-12 years ago, the Relentless catalogue was sold to Virgin (now owned by Universal) and then it was re-opened from scratch as a new label at Sony. So they are two different catalogues/labels. Same people behind them both though, as I understand it.

    NOW - in the case of Rewind, I believe it was released in 1999 by Relentless under license from Public Demand Records. Nowadays, as you say, it is controlled by Ministry of Sound (that MoS is owned by Sony also is purely coincidental) either because they have bought the master outright from the rights holders or it's under license again. I don't know.

    My understanding is also - though someone please jump in and correct me if I am wrong - that the version of Rewind featured on Craig's debut album is still performed by the Artful Dodger feat. Craig David (that is to say, it's not a re-recorded version made by Craig's label) - and therefore owned by Public Demand/MoS/Sony , it's just that it's credited solely to Craig on the artwork and therefore has been loaded onto digital platforms with just Craig David's name.
  14. Has the original 1994 mix of "Sunshine After the Rain" credited to New Atlantic feat Berri ever been on digital? Or, anywhere since 1994, aside from the music video. I much prefer the vocal take, it just has a bit more reverb colour than the 1995 hit single version which is a wipe-clean-sterile-ice-queen vocal.

  15. I was always under the impression it was the same master with only a change to the artist credit.
  16. Nah, it's a completely different vocal take.

  17. How this managed to get onto AppleMusic who are notorious for wanting HQ cover art I don’t know, but hurrah anyway!
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  18. Shakira's Pure Intuition has disappeared. Still waiting for Alexandra Stan's Lemonade too...
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