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Music Unavailable on Digital (and Getting It There!)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. @aquaplex the Sanna, Shirley, Sonja onslaught today was very good, very good indeed. Thank you!!

    it does boggle the mind a bit though why the labels wouldn’t just continue clicking “make available worldwide” on all their Mello-adjacent entries once they started doing it. (of course I understand that there are contracts etc.)
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  2. Was MPHO's album ever online? I see a placeholder on Spotify for "Box n Locks" exists

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  3. I would love this on streaming used to love her Pop art album
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  4. Is there any hope for getting Esthero's Breath From Another album available on streaming worldwide? It's on Spotify but greyed out.

  5. I don't think it ever got released but I definitely had a advance promo copy of it somewhere. Presumably it's still in my storage unit somewhere.
  6. Anybody that's been waiting on "The World Is Not Enough" going back online, it looks like it's reappearing in its new remaster tonight. It's already on Amazon, YouTube and Qobuz.

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  7. Hopefully the release of this new Garbage anthology next month means we'll get Tell Me Where It Hurts back too
  8. I think Garbage must have a separate distribution deal directly with Liberator Music in Australia because neither of these songs are or have been offline here that I can remember noticing. Certainly, I'm listening to Tell Me Where It Hurts right now.
  9. They do - they're signed to Liberator Music direct for Australia and New Zealand, which got the rights to Absolute Garbage and then released the local The Absolute Collection; while in North America their major label era material remains with Almo/Geffen thanks to the lousy deal they signed in 1995 so Absolute Garbage remains available there (with the bonus remixes available digitally as well). Rest of the world is Stunvolume currently released through BMG/Infectious.
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  10. Oddly this release has been uploaded for instant release rather than uploaded beforehand with a set release date. Hence Spotify not showing it yet - it’s still being processed by them (they are the slowest platform to update).
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  11. Me: Hi (rightsholder), can you put the missing Jamelia singles onto DSPs. Appreciate her existing digital material was out online by previous rightsholders, but the fans would love it
    Rightsholder: These tracks can be enjoyed on the Drama album
    Me: Yes, but those are not the single versions that were all over the radio/ video channels
    Rightsholder: We don’t have the masters for these
    Me: Happy to collate and send WAVs if you want, I’ve done it for loads of other labels
    Rightsholder: I have no interest in them or ownership of them, but if you want to find someone who is and does good luck to you.

    For anyone thinking my getting music onto DSPs is a breeze, think again. Suffice to say [email protected] has been no help either.

    rightsholder is not a major label by the way - they are generally pleasant to deal with.
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  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Why did I read the Rightsholder in the voice of Roseann from Totally Scott-Lee fame?
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  13. Jesus how frustrating.
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  14. Well that's just rude!
  15. MPHO - 1.jpeg MPHO - 2.jpeg
    Well look what just happened to be sat in the top of a box staring back at me when I paid a visit to my storage unit this afternoon.
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  16. Does anyone remember what happened with her campaign? Did Martha and the Muffins pull the single or something?
  17. Nah, I think it was just a case of the single coming out and charting at #39 for one week or whatever and the wheels falling off from there.

  18. More from 1998 on the way!
  19. Amazing! I've been after the Almighty Mix of Irreplaceable for years! You can't even get it on Discogs so thanks for this.
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