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Music Unavailable on Digital (and Getting It There!)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aquaplex, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Yay! These will fill in the Hits/NOW playlists I've been trying to make. Thank you @aquaplex
  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Omgggg Box N Locks is a banger!!
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  3. I presume Warner have inherited the MPHO material from Parlophone and have no idea they have it or that it's not available anymore
  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Why have Charlotte Church’s indie EPs disappeared from streaming in the USA?
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  5. Kerri Ann's Do You Love Me Boy is one of my all time favs! Such a fun bop. Bummed to see that Trust In Me is mastered incredibly quietly like it is on my CD Single.

    Accept Me (Irreplaceable's b-side) is better than the a-side to me.
  6. For anybody into mashups or Soulwax or whatever: “As Heard on Radio Soulwax 2” is finally coming to streaming soon!!! You just know I’m gonna be having that Independent Woman mashup on repeat.

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  7. Is Blondie's No Exit album tied up in some legal issues that it is not on digital or streaming?
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  8. It's pretty odd. I don't think much of their post 1999 material is available. I wonder who owns it...
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  9. I've never seen Curse of Blondie on digital, Panic of Girls was online a while but then dropped off about 6 years ago (I still have "Mother" and "What I Heard" placeholders in my playlists) and No Exit was only available with the coverart copied and pasted from the Amazon autorip thumbnail for ages. "Maria" was unavilable for a few months in 2017 until a compilation came online which pulled through to the "main" version. You'd think BMG would have pulled their finger out and tried to get the rights to those online by now, unless they are saving them for another boxset.
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  10. Any chance of getting this on streaming?

    Appreciate that Sarah Whatmore’s first single, ‘When I Lost You’ has been uploaded and it would be great to get the follow up (and potentially unreleased album) too!
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  11. I’m already onto this! Have been for a while.

    Blondie is odd. When I first enquired i got the sense they wanted to do a physical reissue in a few years (well this was two years ago) but it makes no sense to not put the album on streaming. They are missing out on money and honesty it being on streaming is unlikely to deter those who would buy a physical reissue (if that was the plan)
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  12. The streaming numbers for those later Blondie albums aren't ever gonna make a dent in the physicals sales of CD and vinyl to middle-aged completists flush with disposable cash once they've paid off their credit card bill for the Against The Odds boxsets, it boggles the mind that they'd be concerned.
  13. Exactly! Yet they could also make a little bit of money from the streams that casual fans like me (who want to add Nothing Is Real But… to playlists) would give
  14. I just wanna stream/playlist "Good Boys" and stop using the live version as a placeholder in my 2003 playlist.
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  15. Thank goodness I kept the No Exit album, single, and Good Boys. We're not even talking obscure stuff... its all very weird.

    In my fantasy world we'd have lovely digital singles of Maria, Nothing is Real..., No Exit and Good Boys with every mix for the 10 people that care.
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  16. It annoys me when independent rightsholders get in a tizz about putting bog standard editions of albums online because they think it might impact/ detract from a current or upcoming release. It was the same with Brian McFadden - they didn't want to put albums 2 and 3 onto streaming as they wanted to wait for the BoyzLife album (which was two years away).
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  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Should’ve sent this to Brian or his label:

  18. That's a very late 1990s era label mindset isn't it. I read that the NOW... compilers would struggle to get American acts singles on because the labels thought people wouldn't buy the album if they can get it on a NOW CD. It's the same kind of marketingthink "oh no there's too much product!"
  19. Heart 00's plays this song all the time, it's madness that it's not on streaming!
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  20. Heart 00 is my total guilty pleasure, although there isn’t anything guilty about it at all. Non stop pop noughties bangers!
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