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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wickedbruv, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Good grief.
  2. The millenial sparkle cows in front of us who knew every single word to every single song were a particular highlight.

    It was so bad it was amazing.
    The premus us great BUT....

    It made no sense, it had absolutely no energy, the songs were atrocious, there's no climax at all and if I'd gone to school with that insufferable show off, I'd have wanted to punch him as well.
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  3. Hasnt Louise pulled out as she fell over and broke her wrist ?
  4. Her statement was a bit vague. It made out that she's not doing the show but also that she'd return when better.
  5. I read that she’s going to miss the first two months and then join for the rest of the run.

    My friend went to drama school with Love Island Amber and apparently she’s actually really good?

    Nothing will hit the low of Cuba Gooding Jr sounding like he smoked 20 packs before heading on stage as Billy Flynn last year.
  6. Er Martin Kemp singing Razzle Dazzle with all the stage presence (and vocal ability) of a dead kipper must run that close.

    Just haf a thought. Matt Goss would make a great Billy Flynn
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  7. A Max Martin musical is coming to London!

    Playing at the Shaftesbury Theatre from November.

    As much of a genius that Max Martin is, I can sense this is going to flop. A new jukebox musical without a big marquee name debuting at one of the bigger theatres in the West End?!
  8. Viva Forever keeps on living!
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  9. I know Miriam and she’s lovely so let me hope this turns out to be good.
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  10. The first time I saw Hamilton she understudied Angelica and the second time she was on for Peggy/Maria Reynolds and she completely blew me away both times. She is a star in the making.

    Imagine her singing Since U Been Gone every night. That could be outstanding.

  11. After rewatching this scene, I’ve decided I want Emily Blunt to play Nancy in the new Oliver! movie when / if it happens.
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  12. I went and saw Company yesterday, and thought it was brilliant. Although not the best thing I've ever seen, it was a great piece of theatre. Patti LuPone was, as to be expected, utterly marvellous. The highlight performance was from Jonathan Bailey, who's performance of "(Not) Getting Married Today" was exceptional and the stand out moment (potentially after Richard Fleeshman's bulge in those blue pants).

    With regards to Jamie, I saw it very early on in it's West End debut and thought it was exceptional, especially the performances from John McCrea and Lucie Shorthouse. I saw it again recently and still thought it was a brilliant piece of modern musical theatre. However, I've also seen clips of the understudies performance as Jamie, and it really does ruin it though (particularly Luke Bayer's understudy performance).

    That being said, I know the cast change was yesterday and a lot of the original (and strong) cast have now departed. I can't see it being extended past it's initial September extension now, and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Layton as Jamie. I don't think it's necessarily going to work now John McCrea has departed.
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  13. This is the sort of show I could see doing well as a touring production in smaller theatres. Jukebox musicals always sell well with the casual "Oh it's only ten minutes up the road, it'll be a laugh" crowd.
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  14. The West End cast recording of Company is now out on Spotify.

    Easily the most thought-provoking musical I've seen in a while, and the staging is excellent. Jonathan Bailey's Getting Married Today and Patti LuPone's Ladies Who Lunch are particular highlights.

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  15. I'm seeing Company at the end of this month and I'm really looking forward to it.

    On a different note, I see that the Amelie musical is touring the UK, something I never expected. Anyone seen it? I'm not expecting it to be amazing but it's based on one of my favourite films so I'll probably pop over to Bradford (of all places) to see it regardless.
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  16. If you love All About Eve then I suggest you stay in and rewatch the film because the play is the single most pointless stage production I've ever sat through.

    It's a word for word recreation of one of the greatest movies ever made only without any of the pace, wit, glamour, humour, drama or performances. It does have 2 bizarrely incongruous PJ Harvey songs crow barred in though so that's something.

    It also boasts the most hideous set I've ever encountered. Literally everything is a kind of rusty shit brown colour.

    Best to stick with Bette.
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  17. I slept through 75% of it. Granted i have jetlag but i wouldnt have slept on Bette or Anne, George, Celeste, Thelma or Marilyn would I ?

    The only person worth staying awake for is Monica Dolan who actually brings some life to the party.
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  18. I had absolutely no intention of seeing All About Eve with 1) Lily James and 2) those ticket prices.
  19. I admit I wanted to see it and the prices got me shook (and the whole run is basically sold out? What even), so I’m glad I’m not missing much.

    Still haven’t seen anything this year ahfjjdjdkf
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