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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wickedbruv, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. I'm seeing All About Eve but as an NT Live thing, mainly for Gillian Anderson. I don't mind if it's not mind-blowing for £15. Ridiculous ticket prices be damned!
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  2. I having quite a cultured week.

    All About Eve last night. Nine Night tonight. Then in Sunday I'm seeing Chita Rivera in the afternoon and SIX for the 4th time in the evening.

    Turning into quite a cliched Theatre Queen in my old age.
  3. There are worse things to be!
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  4. I booked Follies for next week on a whim. And I'm seeing Cate Blanchett's play the same week.

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  5. asjkdlhsdgjklafvgbjasdvbkjsdvkjlsd hate you

    that lottery was a mess
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  6. Follies is AMAZING!!!

    I think I'm going to go again.
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  7. Wait at me checking on a whim and seeing cheap seats for the Cate play this afternoon, two days after doing the same for Laura Linney at the Bridge (which was really good).

    Also, everyone has to see Come From Away. It’s absolutely incredible.
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  8. 9 night is great mainly because of 2 amazing performances.

    I do have a couple of issues but very good

  9. Such timing, my one chance to see this. Understudy for Rosalie Craig lasted thirty minutes, but I knew the jig was up during her first song, bless her.
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  10. Oh shite. Any more tea from the night?
  11. LuPone sang an acapella ditty to send us off. The understudy sounded off during her first (and only) song, like she had a cold. After the song where her lovers introduce themselves she walked off and said: I'm just going to take a minute, and that was it.
  12. Wait, yesterday Rosalie fell ill as well, and the understudy took over for the second half.

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  13. I want to see Six after hearing a couple of the songs from it.

    I'm going to see The Curious Incident tomorrow night.
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  14. SIX is the best thing in the West End.

    Already planning my 5th visit.
  15. I'm going on the 20th for the third time and dragging the German assistant of my department with me.

    And I'm sure I'll see it again before the summer.

    Also, they upgraded the costumes a bitsy?

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  16. That’s what they wore when I saw them.
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  17. Maybe it’s the lightning. Everything looks way brighter.
  18. This was so good but the theatre was so warm I thought I was going to fall asleep.
  19. Wait, how did you get this? ddd

    I'm coming down next weekend and I'm gonna try and get something with TodayTix for the matinee (my friend wants to go out that night, so I won't have time to see anything else that evening).

    Aiming for Company, Come From Away and Waitress cause je suis gay.
  20. NT Live are live broadcasts of National Theatre plays at cinemas across the UK.

    They'll have listings on the website.
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