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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wickedbruv, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. I completely ignored the Live bit ddd

    I thought the londonitas had another trick up their sleeve.
  2. So according to this thread I need to see either SIX or Company during my next London visit?
  3. Just come back from SIX again and it's just as good the 4th time round. My mum absolutely loved it.

    'I just want to go straight home and read all about them' she said.

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  4. A “me going into the library and taking David Starkey’s Six Wives out” rooibos!

    On other news, The Band’s Visit keeps on winning (Grammy last night), and... I still don’t get the fuss about it ddd
  5. Ha, that's definitely not me.
  6. Stick with Antonia Fraser.....

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  7. Uno


    I went to see Cats the musical and I hated it. I'm honestly shocked how it stayed on Broadway for so long.
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  8. Have you seen the last season of Kimmy Schmidt?
  9. ddddddd I thought exactly the same.

    Also, not me reading six hours later this email that said there were more tickets to the Cate Blanchett play.

  10. I've been asking this for years but still don't know the answer.

    WTF does 'ddddddd' mean?
  11. It’s shit, don’t worry.

    Cate does everything she can to save it but the whole thing is incredibly dull. Unless you’re desperate to see
    her fuck someone with a strap-on at the end
    there’s better ways to spend your time.

    Like seeing Come From Away instead.
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  12. I booked to see “& Juliet” today. Roll on September!
  13. [​IMG]

    A monoletteric version of kskfjkskakfkajjdu I’d say? Dunno, really dd

    Oh wow, ok then!

    Yeah, I’ve been in a Come From Away mood lately getting emotional with the songs and whatnot, so I guess that’s the next one.

  14. It’s because N n n n n n n got banned, so the foreem adopted ddddd instead.
    As n n n n n gives you I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ whilst dddddd stays normal
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  15. Sweat, with Martha Plimpton, coming to the Gielgud Theatre in... eh, later this year, is great.

    Trying Company again March 29, let's leave it to the very last minute.
  16. Can anyone translate that into PJ Oldie for me please???
  17. It's genuinely just "hahaha".
  18. @Baby Clyde is the forum’s Grizabella confirmed...

    (Ok, Ok, I know everyone hates Cats, but the fact is, Ms Paige gives everything to this song, and it really is the one shining highlight.)
  19. The legendary, glamourous one with the best voice and only memorable song?
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  20. I saw Follies last night and my biggest gripe is with Sondheim's show itself, rather than the production, which was beautiful.

    Giving each main character a solo music number... where they explain their 'folly' in detail... after you've spent 100ish minutes with those characters... and already have a nuanced understanding of them... why.
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