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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wickedbruv, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. So glad I saw Jamie before the stunt casting. Dayumn, the new GP musical.
  2. I saw Tina last night. It might have been because I was expecting it to be a bit naff / a tribute show, but I thought it was really good. The main girl absolutely killed it and a few of the set pieces and imagery were much more... non-naturalistic and interesting than I was expecting. I cried at the end. The final performance of Simply The Best was one of the most electrifying moments I’ve ever seen in a show. I’ve never given that song much thought before but it was both powerful and emotional. And then the last ten minutes is just an absolutely party.

    I didn’t know all the songs because I’m not a huge Tina fan but there wasn’t a song I didn’t like. A solid and wholesome 4/5 affair.
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  3. Did I scream?

  4. Just managed to get two tickets for Maggie Smith's return to the West End. STOKED!
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  5. But is Bianca going to do a northern accent.
  6. dddddd I just remembered this!

    And of course, everything is sold out.

  7. Six is coming back to Salford in December!!
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  8. A somewhat abridged version of Dont Losr Ur Head... I guess “he doesn’t want to bang you” is not 100% suitable at 7pm on the tele...
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  9. Such a weird choice of song. One of the group numbers would have made more sense but I supposed they thought the general public were more likely to understand the Anne Boleyn song out of the conext of the show.
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  10. Olivier Award for best new play went to The Inheritance.
    Best new musical went to Come From Away.

    The rest.

    Gutted for SIX, but at least they got nominated and performed a nice medley at the ceremony.
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  11. Yes at Jonathan Bailey in Company, he’s been my fav for years now.
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  12. So deserved for Jonathan Bailey. He's performance of "Not Getting Married" is one of the funniest and most brilliant performances I've ever seen on a stage. I'd have liked Six to take home some form of award, especially given the uniqueness of it at the present moment in the West End, however I'm sure, much like at the Whats On Stage Awards, it'll continue to dominate.
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  13. I’ve been in London to see 5 shows over the past week, and the amount of people talking through them nowadays is fucking appalling.
  14. Not nearly the same thing but a couple of girls were talking through my stand up set on Friday night. I stopped the show and asked if they wanted the microphone instead nn.
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  15. I don't know if parents haven't been teaching their children what theatre etiquette is for too many years now, and this has filtered through to adulthood??

    I was taught as a kid by parents and teachers to be quiet in a theatre. Perhaps Millennials and Gen Z have not had these standards impressed upon them?...
  16. Oh, for fuck sake! Just say you hate anyone below the age of 45 and go.
  17. The last four annoying experiences recently I've had in the theatre recently that I can recall, have been because of people over 50 not knowing when to stop wittering on and on about something mid-scene, or digging noisily into their food, or not respecting my personal space. To assume it's just all younger people is nonsense.
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