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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wickedbruv, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. I saw Little Miss Sunshine at the Arcola the other day. It was good. It was pretty much exactly what I expected it to be.
  2. Going to NYC soon and hoping to catch Mean Girls and The Cher Show while I'm there.
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  3. I saw the Maggie Smith one woman show, "A German Life", the other day and I'm still not over the fact that I've witnessed one of the nation's greatest actresses of all time. She was astounding. The way she was able to captivate the audience for just over 90 minutes with her merely sat in her chair.

    You believed every word she was saying, and although it is a true story, you got so lost in the character Maggie had embodied and the way she was portraying her, that you forgot where you were and merely lost yourself in her. I didn't even notice the stage moving forward with Maggie getting closer and closer into the centre of the auditorium until the very end when she stood up and the set were miles behind her.
  4. Has anyone here seen The Cher Show? I was thinking about seeing it while I'm in New York but I watched the trailer and it looks terrible.
  5. I want to fly to New York specifically to see Mean Girls. A truly phenomenal soundtrack ! I will be vvvvvvvvvv jealous if you go.
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  6. Saw it back in November.

    It's a Show about Cher. What else do you need???
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  7. In the last month I've seen...........

    All My Sons
    Ain't Misbehavin
    The Son
    Small Island
    Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night-time

    Seeing Admissions tonight and Top Girls tomorrow. Little Miss Sunshine is on 2 minutes from my house. Keep meaning to go want to rewatch the films before I do. Maybe I'll do that right now.
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  8. There's a 24h £15 sale on TodayTix at the moment.

    Loads of great shows included.
  9. Has anyone here seen anything at The Vaults in London? They're doing Bare this summer and that's a musical I've been wanting to see for years. But was wondering if their productions would be worth the trip?
  10. I've already booked my Mean Girls tickets!

    That's what's making me want to see it but it looks horrific.
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  11. Yeah, I saw something there last year. Their aesthetic is slightly amateur but good-quality amateur.
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  12. It's great. I mean it's a jukebox musical so obviously not Sondheim but for what it is it's done really well. So much better than Tina or Donna or other such tat we've been served recently.

    Because it's Cher it has a sense of humour and doesn't take anything too seriously. It's really self aware and leans into all of the usual tropes that you expect in this kind of thing. By the end it's just churning out the hits but you have 3 women doing fantastic Cher impersonations, dozens or Bob Mackie costumes and 20 odd Cher classics. It's a no brainer.

    I flew to New York just to see it. Don't regret it for a minute.
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  13. You've sold me on it. Tell the theatre you want a commission on my tickets. x
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  14. I've been quite out of the musical theatre loop of late, but finally discovering 'Six' (better late than never) has me diving right back in.

    'Don't Lose Ur Head' and 'All You Wanna Do' are my favourites. I wish I didn't live in New Zealand because I have no hope of seeing this show for a million years.
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  15. It will be playing in every city in the world in the next 5 years.
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  16. Question - has anyone entered the TodayTix lotteries and, if so, how likely are you to win? I have a night off work in London next week (a rarity!) and finally want to catch Jamie (especially now Bianca and Faye are both in it, it’s like my worlds colliding!) or Waitress but on a bit of a budget. At the same time, don’t want to be left without a ticket to anything.
  17. I’ve never won ddd
    But apparently if you share it everywhere (that I do not do), you get better chances or something?

    I’ve done well with the rush tickets if I’m there at 9:58 refreshing, but only for one ticket. Tried it with two the other day and no luck.
  18. Waitress does £25 tickets that go on sale at 10am, but when I did it last week they put more on as the day went on. And I’ve bought £30 tickets that you can access if you lose the Jamie lottery and it’s a quiet night, which are usually better that the tickets for winning.

    I’ve also been to the box office for Jamie and they’ve offered half price tickets close to showtime.
  19. I won the Dreamgirls Lottery a few months back though that was on a Monday. I’ve never managed to get in on a weekend.
  20. I won the Company lottery on a Saturday
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