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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wickedbruv, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. So NOW Waitress has rush tickets????? Uggg.
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  2. If you head down to the Theatre Cafe (just across the road from the Apollo Theatre where Jamie is), they usually have £25 tickets available for that day.
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  3. So, I entered the Lottery for Jamie yesterday and lost! Ended up splashing out for a decent seat in the Stalls. I was sitting behind Pop Idol/Big Brother royalty Zoe Birkett of all people!

    I hadn’t listened to any of the soundtrack or seen any performances prior to the show so had no idea what to expect. Imagine my surprise when Faye Tozer delivered the opening line of the show in a Sheffield accent!

    I thought the cast were really strong. It was odd seeing Faye play a villain given her Steps background. Bianca Del Rio was really funny in her role too (seriously impressed with how quick she went from Hugo to Loco/Bianca and then back to Hugo!) but I am glad they clearly re-wrote the script slightly so she didn’t have to put on a Sheffield accent! Did they do the same when Michelle Visage was in it? A bit shady, if not! Layton Williams wasn’t on but his understudy was fierce! His coming timing was on point and he moved in heels in a way I didn’t think was possible! Even more impressive is that it was his debut in the role!

    Overall, a really good show! It’s the sort of show I would love more people to see because it’s a story which deserves to be heard.
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  4. "Six" are going to be performing on Britain's Got Talent on the 28th May. Huge audience.
  5. I'm guessing Six is worth it then? I'm very tempted and I'm thinking of having a London trip in July.
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  6. Honestly @HollyDunnSomething Mean Girls is the best musical I've ever seen and will take some beating. Forget about Cher and go see Mean Girls twice.
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  7. Sorry for the double post but whats the T with Waitress? I've been seeing a lot of theatre folk slagging it off behind the scenes?
  8. I saw it for the second time last night and loved it. I've literally listened to 'When He Sees Me' 20 times since last night.
  9. If Mean Girls was cheaper I would teebs.
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  10. It is the best show in London right now
  11. Rather than using the understudies when cast members are off, they've been going directly to the new cast members who start in June, taking them out of initial rehearsals and choosing to use them instead of the understudies. That's one thing I've noticed people slagging it off for behind the scenes.
  12. Saw the touring Rocky Horror Saturday, which was very good, except it was marred by an absolute group of dickheads who decided to get trashed before the show and would not shut up. And he was sat right behind me. When the loudest offender finally got thrown out the others all took the hint thank God. Why you'd get drunk before going to the theatre I'll never know.
  14. Tell us about it, Janet...

    But honestly sometimes I’ve found the roughier the Rocky Horror Show the better...
    I fucking love it though.

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  15. They’ve shunted Laura Baldwin, who plays Dawn, out of the role for the summer and cast Ashley Roberts instead. Laura will be back in the role in September, but it’s a really transparent ploy to sell tickets and an extremely rude way to treat an actress who is one of the best things about the show. Their argument is it’ll close if they don’t, because I don’t think it’s selling fantastically, but it’s really poor form.
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  16. Urgh I hate a stunt casting. Genuinely sometimes makes me not want see a production. Obviously there are few genuine talents that slip through the net like Alexandra Burke. But that current show in London populated entirely by ex-members of JLS / The Wanted etc looks excruciating. They just do not have the range of trained professionals.
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  17. Louis Smith is in a Beach Boys jukebox musical, I could not believe it.
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  18. I saw Waitress. It was a cute 6/10 musical. Well done everyone.
  19. It’s not so much a jukebox musical as it is just a show built around Strictly alumni to give them a chance to dance some more.

    Isn’t it basically a knock-off of the Strictly Come Dancing Live tour?
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